Owen Strachan

Book Review: Manly Dominion: In a Passive-Purple-Four-Ball World, by Mark Chanski

Review by Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Biblical Theology | 03.06.2010

This book is superb. It will train the godly men of today to raise the godly men of tomorrow.

Book Review: Membership Matters, by Chuck Lawless

Review by Owen Strachan | 03.05.2010

For its focus on membership and involvement, Lawless’s book is a significant help in directing a church toward a more biblical polity.

Book Review: Who Can Save the Incredible Shrinking Church?, by Frank Page

Review by Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Counseling in the Church | 03.03.2010

Frank Page wants to do nothing less than save struggling, shrinking churches everywhere.

Book Review: The Book on Leadership, by John MacArthur

Review by Owen Strachan | 03.03.2010

This book is a very good resource for pastors seeking a spiritually-focused book on leadership.

Book Review: unChristian, by Dave Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons

Review by Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Multi-site Churches | 03.03.2010

Does Christianity have am “image problem”?

Book Review: Advanced Strategic Planning, by Aubrey Malphurs

Review by Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Corporate Prayer | 03.03.2010

I’m not sure if Malphurs’s solution, his strategic planning program, is the cure-all for the church’s various maladies that he conceives it to be.

Befriending Timothy

By Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Hospitality & Friendship | 03.01.2010

When a pastor befriends a young man, the kingdom advances.

Countering Ageism

By Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Church & Culture | 02.26.2010

Congregational unity attests to the gospel’s power with unique efficacy.

Pastoral Discipleship: The Urgent Need, the Biblical Mandate, and One Timothy’s Plea

By Owen Strachan | 02.26.2010

Pastors of today can rescue the church of God by responsibly and passionately training young men for the ministry.

Doing Seminary Well

By Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: The Emerging Church | 02.26.2010

I want to encourage seminarians to approach their work with reverence, receptivity, realism, and responsibility.

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