Ryan Robertson

On Why the Local Church Matters in Missions with Chip Bugnar, Andy Johnson, and Scott Logsdon (Missions Talk, Ep. 10)

By A. Johnson, C. Bugnar, J. Mack Stiles, R. Robertson, S. Logsdon | 03.02.2023

In this episode of Missions Talk, Ryan Robertson and Mack Stiles interview pastors about why the local church matters for missions work.

On Why a Biblical Understanding and Practice of Prayer Matters in Missions, with Caleb Morell and Jordan Wolfe (Missions Talk, Ep. 9)

By C. Morell, J. Mack Stiles, J. Wolfe, R. Robertson | 02.16.2023

In this episode of Missions Talk, Ryan Robertson and Mack Stiles talk about the importance of biblical understanding and practice of prayer in the mission field.

On Why Biblical Church Leadership Matters in Missions with Brian Parks, Mark Collins, and Eric White (Missions Talk, Ep. 8)

By B. Parks, E. White, J. Mack Stiles, M. Collins, R. Robertson | 01.26.2023

In this new episode of Missions Talk, our hosts discuss the importance of biblical leadership with three missionaries from around the world.

On Why a Biblical Concern for Discipleship and Growth Matters in Missions, with Anand Samuel & Jeff Kelly (Missions Talk, Ep 7)

By A. Samuel, J. Mack Stiles, J. Kelly, R. Robertson | 01.12.2023

Mack and Ryan chat with Anand Samuel—a pastor in the UAE—and Jeff Kelly—a pastor and former missionary to N. Africa—about discipleship and growth on the mission field. Is it all that much different?

On Why Biblical Church Discipline Matters in Missions, with Ken Mbugua and Aubrey Sequeira (Missions Talk, Ep. 6)

By A. Sequeira, J. Mack Stiles, K. Mbugua, R. Robertson | 12.15.2022

Churches on the mission field aren’t exempt by Jesus’ command to practice church discipline.

On Why Biblical Church Membership Matters in Missions, with David Lawrence, Chariot Lu, and Caleb Greggsen (Missions Talk, Ep. 5)

By C. Greggsen, C. Lu, D. Lawrence, J. Mack Stiles, R. Robertson | 12.02.2022

Ryan and Mack chat with three pastors—from Central Asia, from the Middle East, and from East Asia—about the biblical principle of church membership.

On Why Conversion and Evangelism Matters in Missions, with Pastor Harshit and Josh Manley (Missions Talk, Ep. 4)

By J. Mack Stiles, J. Manley, P. Harshit, R. Robertson | 11.11.2022

A poor understanding of evangelism and conversion will have disastrous effects, especially among cultures where there’s little familiarity with the gospel. In this episode of Missions Talk, Mack and Ryan chat with two overseas pastors about this.

On Why Gospel Doctrine Matters in Missions with Brooks Buser and Matt Tyler (Missions Talk, Ep. 3)

By B. Buser, J. Mack Stiles, M. Tyler, R. Robertson | 10.28.2022

In this episode of Missions Talk, Ryan Robertson and Mack Stiles chat with Brooks Buser and Matt Tyler about the necessity of sound doctrine—whether you’re in the deep jungle of Papua New Guinea or a global city with 25 million people.

Episode 2: On Why Expositional Preaching Matters in Missions (with John Folmar and Christian Lwanda)

By C. Lwanda, J. Mack Stiles, J. Folmar, R. Robertson | 10.13.2022

Does expository preaching matter in missions? Is it essential to a church’s health among every language, people, and nation?

Episode 1: On the Reasons We Started Missions Talk

By J. Mack Stiles, J. Leeman, M. Dever, R. Robertson | 09.28.2022

In this inaugural episode of Missions Talk, Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever chat with Mack Stiles and Ryan Robertson about why conversations about ecclesiology are so necessary in the missions world.

What Eschatology Has to Do with Your Church’s Budget

By Ryan Robertson | 9Marks Journal: Sound Doctrine: The Foundation for Faithful Ministry | 11.16.2021

We should prioritize our King’s priorities with his finances by discipling the members of our local churches and evangelizing the nations until he returns.