Sam Allberry

Pastoring Singles in the Age of Self

By Sam Allberry | 9Marks Journal: Expressive Individualism in the Church | 03.18.2022

Our context makes the Christian life of singleness all the more challenging, and the healthy pastoring of single people all the more urgent.

Singleness, Same-Sex Attraction, and the Church: A Conversation with Sam Allberry, Rosaria Butterfield, and Christopher Yuan

By C. Yuan, R. Butterfield, S. Allberry | 9Marks Journal: Pastoring Singles | 03.20.2017

Sam Allberry, Rosaria Butterfield, and Christopher Yuan answer questions on same-sex attraction, singleness, and the church.

Can I View My Small Group as My Church?

By Sam Allberry | 03.11.2016

Small groups can therefore be a terrific supplement to the gathered life of the church, but they should never be a replacement for it.

Dear New Seminarian . . . Sincerely, Your Anglican Brother

By Sam Allberry | 04.23.2015

These years in seminary will provide what may be the greatest opportunity to read that you’ll ever get.