Scott Logsdon

On the Strategic Value of Missions Work in Global Cities, with Scott Logsdon and Will Sutton (Missions Talk, Ep. 18)

By J. Mack Stiles, R. Robertson, S. Logsdon, W. Sutton | 07.06.2023

In this episode of Missions Talk, Mack and Ryan interview Scott Logsdon and Will Sutton on the strategic value of missions work in global cities

On Why the Local Church Matters in Missions with Chip Bugnar, Andy Johnson, and Scott Logsdon (Missions Talk, Ep. 10)

By A. Johnson, C. Bugnar, J. Mack Stiles, R. Robertson, S. Logsdon | 03.02.2023

In this episode of Missions Talk, Ryan Robertson and Mack Stiles interview pastors about why the local church matters for missions work.

Revivalism on the Mission Field

By Scott Logsdon | 9Marks Journal: Pursuing Revival While Avoiding Revivalism | 06.14.2022

Revivalism’s bold promises remain alluring to missionaries. But let the missionary beware.

Why Is It Essential for Missionaries to Join a Church Where They Live?

By Scott Logsdon | 05.16.2022

Church membership is not only good for missionaries, it’s also good for mission. Missionaries are often portrayed as spiritual giants, but they need church care at least as much as any Christian.

On Church-Centered Missions vs Movement-Driven Missions (Pastors Talk, Ep. 183)

By A. Sequeira, B. Buser, J. Mack Stiles, J. Leeman, S. Logsdon | 10.12.2021

Jonathan Leeman chats with Mack Stiles, Brooks Buser, Scott Logsdon, and Aubrey Sequeira about two diverging approaches to the obeying the Great Commission.