Thomas S. Kidd

What Preachers Can Learn from George Whitefield’s First Sermon

By Thomas S. Kidd | 01.12.2017

In George Whitefield’s very first sermon, he exposed the spirit of nominal religion that was so debilitating to England, and to so much of America today.

Looking to the Past for Lessons about Prayer

By Thomas S. Kidd | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.03.2016

With all due regard to churches’ individual circumstances, it’s hard to justify the lack of congregational prayer in many of today’s churches, or the relegation of prayer to an obligatory sidelight.

Colonial America and How (Not) to Pray Against Cultural Decline

By Thomas S. Kidd | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 10.31.2014

There is an overwhelming sense among Christians in the West that we are not only in a time of cultural decline, but that it is gaining pace. If that’s true, how should Christians pray?