Walter Price

Book Review: Fight for Your Pastor, by Peter Orr

Review by Walter Price | 11.14.2022

Orr has written a short, easily readable, wonderfully biblical, and deeply challenging word for church members of all times in a humble and engaging way.

How To Have Elders Without Actually Having Elders

By Walter Price | 10.26.2018

If I wanted to transition the church toward being elder-led, then I knew I faced a long, uphill struggle, if not outright war. So I did what my old pastor suggested. I had elders without having elders. Let me explain.

Book Review: Passing the Leadership Baton, by Tom Mullins

Review by Walter Price | 07.27.2015

This was a helpful exercise in seeing another’s perspective on all the ins and outs involved in a successful transition.

Balancing Relationships Between Staff and Non-staff Elders

By Walter Price | 9Marks Journal: Lay Elders: A User’s Guide—Part 2 | 01.03.2013

Balanced counsel on the balance between elders from a seasoned senior pastor.

What Not to Do When You’re the New Guy

By Walter Price | 9Marks Journal: Pastoral Moves | 12.20.2010

Your ministry should not be ego-centric, but Christo-centric. Let it be driven by the Lord’s desires for your present church, not by the problems of your former church.

Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum

By B. Johnson, D. Newkirk, P. Ryken, T. Ascol, W. Price | 9Marks Journal: Miscellaneous Articles | 02.25.2010

I have learned that nothing brings greater joy to a pastor’s heart than a sinner who truly repents.