Balance Patience and Ambition

By Billy Dalton | 9Marks Journal: Seasons in a Pastor's Life | 06.10.2024

Churches must train the ambitious patiently, giving them time to show their true colors.

Attend to Your Character

By Garrett Conner | 9Marks Journal: Seasons in a Pastor's Life | 06.10.2024

Our character can be used by God for eternal good—or our lack thereof can wreak havoc.

A Quick-Start Guide for Church Revitalization

By Jake Wright | 05.01.2024

How do you shepherd a flock to healthier pastures when the sheep aren’t yet convinced that the grass is greener on the other side?

Book Review: Boundaries, by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

Review by Bob Johnson | 11.10.2023

While ‘Boundaries’ has some helpful counsel, its application soon embodies the old adage “if you give a boy a hammer, the whole world becomes a nail.”

Widows: The Untapped Resource in Your Church

By Keith Collier | 11.07.2023

Don’t just minister to widows; mobilize them. Don’t discount them; deploy them.

Book Review: Embracing Complementarianism, by Graham Beynon & Jane Tooher

By E. Wheeler, J. Manley | 11.02.2023

‘Embracing Complementarianism’ by Graham Beynon and Jane Tooher offers a refreshing breeze of timely wisdom to the hot debate about gender distinctions.

Book Review: Gathered Together, by Karl Deenick

Review by Mark Redfern | 10.20.2023

‘Gathered Together’ will reintroduce you to God’s glorious vision for his church and “stir you up by way of reminder.”

The Role of Women in Healthy Church Formation

By Madeline Arthington | 10.19.2023

Here are twelve examples of how women can help the church based on Madeline Arthington’s experience in a Central Asian congregation.

What Can the Metropolitan Tabernacle Teach Us About Women’s Ministry?

By Jenna DiPrima | 07.18.2023

Though Lavinia Bartlett died over 150 years ago, pastors and churches today can learn a great deal from her, particularly as they consider how to organize women’s ministry in the life of the church.

Stop Calling Them Names

By Sam Emadi | 9Marks Journal: Catholicity | 07.17.2023

If you’re prone to use name-calling with theological opponents, consider three passages in Scripture and how they address our unhealthy culture in evangelicalism of pejorative labeling.

Motivation for Pastors to Embrace the Challenge of Reading ‘Communion with God’ by John Owen

By Mike McKinley | 04.11.2023

There is much gold to be mined from works that have stood the test of time and helped Christians for centuries.

Three Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Congregation to Gather Every Week

By Sam Koo | 01.13.2023

Encourage your church members to deliberately plan, arrange, and order their weeks and months so that they would be in the pews for those 52 Sundays.

Use Your Family Worship to Prepare for Corporate Worship

By Joshua Chatman | 01.12.2023

As a movie trailer builds anticipation for a movie, the Lord can use our family worship to grow our expectations for gathering on the Lord’s Day.

Book Review: Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church, by Donald S. Whitney

Review by Mark Redfern | 01.11.2023

Whitney supplies the reader with spiritual disciplines for within the church and why such disciplines are essential to a true pursuit of God.

Book Review: Counseling Women, by Kristin L. Kellen

Review by Hayley Satrom | 01.06.2023

Kellen provides a biblical framework for coming alongside women in need, as well as practical counseling advice derived from years of experience.