Pastoring a Transient Church

By Josh Hayward | 02.21.2024

How can pastors shepherd their ever-changing flocks to devote themselves to fellowship?

Book Review: The Pastor and the Modern World, by William Edgar, R. Kent Hughes & Alfred Poirier

Review by Scott Daniel | 02.20.2024

We’ve been served well by this set of three essays, originally lectures, delivered by William Edgar, R. Kent Hughes, and Alfred Poirier.

Leading a Congregational Church Through Constitutional Change

By Trent Rogers | 02.15.2024

Here are eight nuggets of practical wisdom for leadership in an elder-led, congregational church about changing its constitution.

Pastoring a Small Church While Parenting Special Needs Children

By Eric Brown | 02.13.2024

All pastoring and parenting is hard. But some situations may be more difficult than others.

Three Lessons from 234 Pastors’ Libraries

By Forrest Strickland | 01.18.2024

We have 234 catalogs of ministers’ libraries in the Netherlands during the seventeenth century. Here are three lessons we ought not neglect.

Wanted: Catholic Pastors

By Mark Dever | 9Marks Journal: Catholicity | 11.27.2023

Do you actively work to partner with other local churches to fulfill the Great Commission? Or do you act as if your church can take the gospel to the ends of the earth all by yourselves?

4 Things to Remember When Talking About Your Church

By Alan Patrick | 11.14.2023

If you’re going to talk about your sheep, remember to tell the whole story.

Powerfully Meek Leaders

By Davy Ellison | 10.27.2023

In our meek Savior we see both restraint and boldness in perfect harmony.

Book Review: Passing the Baton, by Jeremy Walker

Review by Brad Franklin | 10.16.2023

One day, your race will be run, pastor. Who have you trained to take the baton?

Book Review: Pastor, Jesus Is Enough, by Jeremy Writebol

Review by Benjamin Vrbicek | 10.12.2023

Through many dangers, toils, and snares, pastors need a constant reminder that Jesus is enough.

Book Review: The Shepherd Leader at Home, by Timothy Z. Witmer

By Paul Alexander | 10.05.2023

Tim Witmer’s book is timely; but it’s not social critique or theological treatise. It’s simple, practical, Christian wisdom, rooted in biblical truth and love.

Pastors and Social Media

By Samuel D. James | 08.24.2023

When pastors log on to social media and berate others relentlessly, post incessantly, or communicate inappropriately, it is very likely that red flags were visible before the point of crisis.

Books Review: The Wolf in Their Pockets, by Chris Martin

Review by Jason Thacker | 07.27.2023

“The Wolf in Their Pockets” is full of wisdom for weary pastors who are wondering how to start these vital conversations in their communities about the role social media and technology play in the lives of their people.

Book Review: The Shepherd’s Toolbox, by Timothy Z. Witmer

Review by Phil Newton | 07.05.2023

‘The Shepherd’s Toolbox’ gives practical counsel for “obstacles facing those who are committed to shepherding their flocks.”

Baptist Covenant Theology: A Pastor’s Best Defense Against Theonomy

By Jeff Wiesner | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.28.2023

In the face of today’s so-called “culture war,” Theonomy and Reconstruction teachers often take bold stands on social issues that attract anxious evangelicals. How can pastors guide and guard their sheep from possible error?