Pastors and Social Media

By Samuel D. James | 08.24.2023

When pastors log on to social media and berate others relentlessly, post incessantly, or communicate inappropriately, it is very likely that red flags were visible before the point of crisis.

Book Review: Pastoral Ethics, by W. Ross Hastings

Review by Jeremy Meeks | 08.03.2023

Pastors aren’t often trained to live well, think well, or help others do the same regarding the challenging decisions of life. W. Ross Hastings recognizes these problems and has written an excellent book to help remedy them.

Books Review: The Wolf in Their Pockets, by Chris Martin

Review by Jason Thacker | 07.27.2023

“The Wolf in Their Pockets” is full of wisdom for weary pastors who are wondering how to start these vital conversations in their communities about the role social media and technology play in the lives of their people.

Book Review: The Shepherd’s Toolbox, by Timothy Z. Witmer

Review by Phil Newton | 07.05.2023

‘The Shepherd’s Toolbox’ gives practical counsel for “obstacles facing those who are committed to shepherding their flocks.”

Baptist Covenant Theology: A Pastor’s Best Defense Against Theonomy

By Jeff Wiesner | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.28.2023

In the face of today’s so-called “culture war,” Theonomy and Reconstruction teachers often take bold stands on social issues that attract anxious evangelicals. How can pastors guide and guard their sheep from possible error?

Modern Exhortations to Pastoral Friendship

By B. Croft, J. B. Carroll, M. A. G. Haykin | 03.16.2023

Despite increasing connectedness, many in our culture face a growing isolation of the soul and pastors are prime candidates for this paradoxical lifestyle.

So, You Want to Be a Pastor?

By Sean DeMars | 03.08.2023

Here is my appeal to the aspiring pastor: brother, count the cost.

Book Review: Pastoral Visitation, by Tyler C. Arnold

Review by Brian Davis | 02.22.2023

Christ has already broken into our world so that we stay seated in the presence of God abidingly. Therefore, pastoral visitations are not a way for people to be brought into the presence of God, but rather a context to grow their understanding of being in Christ.

Not Satisfied with Our Shepherding yet—but Finding a Good Rhythm

By Bob Johnson | 02.13.2023

Here’s how one group of elders is seeking to ensure that every member of their church is shepherded well.

Book Review: Shepherding the Pastor, by Phil A. Newton & Rich C. Shadden

Review by Jeremy Leong | 02.10.2023

‘Shepherding the Pastor’ is a wonderful addition to the bookshelf of any young pastor, as well as anyone considering pastoral ministry.

Night Terrors and Nearness: Real Comfort in Non-Solutions

By Matt Boga | 02.02.2023

Just as children sometimes need just their father’s presence, sometimes Christians need just a pastor’s presence.

Book Review: Pastoral Friendship, by Michael A. G. Haykin, Brian Croft & James B. Carroll

Review by Drew Hunter | 01.30.2023

“Pastor-to-pastor friendship” is a gift to pursue and enjoy for the sake of our souls, our churches, and a sustained and flourishing ministry.

Book Review: Spurgeon the Pastor, by Geoff Chang

Review by Liam Garvie | 01.27.2023

What kind of pastor was Spurgeon? How did he spend his time? Geoff Chang went trawling through the minutes of Met Tab meetings and wrote this book, an insight into the functional outworking of Spurgeon’s ecclesiology.

Book Review: Gospel-Driven Change, by Paul Watts

Review by Harry Fujiwara | 01.25.2023

In ‘Gospel-Driven Change’, Paul Watts comes alongside his reader as the seasoned, older pastor. Any younger pastor will learn from his experience.

Book Review: Succession, by Bryant Wright

Review by David Gough | 01.23.2023

A retired pastor who’s had to prepare his ministry for the next leader reviews the book ‘Succession: Preparing Your Ministry for the Next Leader’.