The Gospel

How to Become a Liberal Without Attending Harvard Divinity School

By Michael Lawrence | 03.01.2010

It’s not just, or even mainly, my wrongly ordered love of the sheep that pulls me toward liberalism. Even more powerful is my love of self.

Who Exactly Are the Evangelicals?

By Michael Horton | 9Marks Journal: A New Evangelical Liberalism | 03.01.2010

I remain convinced that there is still a place for being “evangelical.” Why? Quite simply, because we still have the evangel.

A Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum on Explaining the Gospel

9Marks | 9Marks Journal: The Gospel | 03.01.2010

Maybe you don’t know, but there is a heavenly dilemma over you.

Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum on Race

By Forum | 9Marks Journal: Race and Ethnicity | 03.01.2010

“Is there a race problem in the American Church?”

What is wrong with the therapeutic approach to counseling?

By David Powlison | 03.01.2010

The essential logic of the therapeutic gospel is this: your personal problems arise from being acted upon.

Satanism, Starbucks, and Other Gospel Challengers

By David Wells | 9Marks Journal: The Gospel | 03.01.2010

What we should be doing, however, is looking at the culture—whether high or low—and asking the question, “At what points is this antithetical to the Word of God?”

Re-Imagining Success in Ministry

By Mark Dever | 03.01.2010

Certainly no church is perfect. But, praise God, many imperfect churches are healthy.

Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum on Church and Culture

By Forum | 9Marks Journal: Church & Culture | 03.01.2010

Does Scripture call the local church to the work of cultural transformation?

What are the Essentials of the Gospel?

By Phil Newton | 02.26.2010

Unless Genesis 1:1 is true, then we will have problems convincing anyone that there is a problem with sin and a need for redemption.

Sending Overseas Missionaries in Community

By C. Bug, G. Tissiere | 9Marks Journal: Missions | 02.26.2010

God’s desire is to reach the nations for his glory through church planting.

Five Steps for Racial Reconciliation on Sunday at 11 a.m.*

By D. A. Carson | 9Marks Journal: Race and Ethnicity | 02.26.2010

It has been argued that in America the most segregated hour of the week is 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Gospel Implications

By Mike Bullmore | 02.26.2010

In order for the gospel to have a functional centrality it must be connected to areas where people live their lives.

Transforming Culture with a Messiah Complex

By Michael Horton | 9Marks Journal: Church & Culture | 02.26.2010

The church is lodged in that precarious place of ambiguity and tension between these two ages, and it must live there until Jesus returns, relying only on the Word and Spirit.

The Emerging Consequences of Whose Ideas?

By Forum | 9Marks Journal: The Emerging Church | 02.26.2010

Where are these Emergent guys getting this stuff? Where do their ideas come from?

Give Me Doctrine or Give Me Death

By Greg Gilbert | 9Marks Journal: The Emerging Church | 02.26.2010

If I want a Christianity that is authentic, real, textured, and alive, can I possibly have that within the narrow constraints of a structured system of doctrine?