A Display of God's Glory

A Display of God's Glory

A short, clear and helpful book on church structure covering elders, deacons, congregationalism and membership. Mark Dever unfolds the biblical blueprint to find a leadership structure that blesses churches with peace, but doesn't buckle under the pressures of corporate life.

"[This book] provides clear and Biblical answers to the many questions pastors and laymen alike have about these important issues. I wish it had been available to me in the early years of my pastoral ministry."
— Don Whitney
Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Understanding the Basics of Church Structure

"The greatest virtues of this booklet are Dever’s able marshalling of all the biblical evidence and the translating of it into an approach to church structure that answers the nuts and bolts questions. . . To those who have felt that something is wrong with our church structure, this booklet points the way to a biblical, God-glorifying approach."

— John Hammett
Senior Professor of Systematic Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary