2 Samuel 17–18: On the Son’s Demise, the Father’s Despair, and the Hunt for Meaningful Connections (Bible Talk, Ep. 107)

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A father should never have to mourn the death of his son. But that’s precisely what happens here. In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about 2 Samuel 17–18.


3:36 / Ahithophel and Hushai offer Absalom competing counsel. (17:1–14)

7:32 / What do we learn from the narrator in verse 14 about the relationship between God’s sovereignty, prayer, and our actions?

9:25 / What’s the significance of the similarities between this passage and Joshua 2? (17:15–20)

15:52 / Ahithophel reacts to the rejection of his counsel. (17:21–23)

17:07 / How is David’s fleeing from Absalom similar to his fleeing from Saul? (17:24–29)

19:08 / Sam recommends the ESV Bible Atlas.

20:03 / Is David wrong for staying in the city like he was in 2 Samuel 11? And what should we think about his request for his army to “deal gently” with Absalom? (18:1–5)

26:14 / Absalom loses twenty thousand soldiers, then his mule—as his head with great hair gets caught in a tree—and then his life. (18:6–15)

31:00 / Whose side are we supposed to be on in the killing of Absalom? And is there a connection between Absalom’s death and Judas?

34:18 / Whose death is Absalom’s reminiscent of? (18:16–18)

35:39 / Ahimaaz and the Cushite race to deliver the news to David. (18:19–33)

Graphic: David lamenting the death of Absalom, Carlo Cignani (1628-1719)


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