On the Virgin Conception, the Sinlessness of Christ, and Hell Slinking Away, Defeated and Exhausted (Another Special Christmas Episode, with Steve Wellum)

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In this special Christmas episode, the Bible Talk crew chats with SBTS professor Steve Wellum about why the virgin conception isn’t incidental to but essential for our redemption.


5:31 / When we refer the virgin birth of Christ, what exactly are we asserting?

7:58 / Is God’s miraculous work in Sarah and Rebecca a type of the virgin conception?

10:09 / Does Genesis 3:15 allude to a particularly remarkable conception of the “seed of the woman?”

10:52 / Where is the virgin birth explicitly taught in Scripture?

14:39 / What does a belief in the virgin birth preserve about Jesus that makes it so necessary?

21:26 / What’s the relationship between the virgin birth and the sinlessness of Christ?

26:46 / Is the “sinlessness of Christ” shorthand for he did not sin or he could not sin, and therefore, did not sin?

31:19 / How ought a ferocious belief in the virgin birth help us to worship in our daily lives as Christians?

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Painting: Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence, Caravaggio (1609)

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