Deuteronomy 7–8: On God’s Love, Our Security, and Turtles All the Way Down (Bible Talk, Ep. 57)

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Why did God choose Israel? How might the answer to that question change everything, even for us a few thousand years later? In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton about Deuteronomy 7–8.


1:41 / Where are we in Deuteronomy?

4:22 / Why does the Lord love his people?

6:17 / How would this truth about God’s love for his people be useful pastorally?

11:16 / God doesn’t set his love upon Israel because they’re lovely.

11:55 / Sam discusses further how God’s election an expression of his love.

13:05 / What other passages in Scripture teach election?

14:21 / Knowledge of God’s electing love is meant to provoke what in Moses’ readers?

15:47 / Why does Deuteronomy 7:12-15 not teach health, wealth, and prosperity?

18:16 / Why cannot preachers promise that, if you’re obedient, you won’t get sick and you’ll have all the food you need?

22:17 / Sam explains how Moses sets a pattern for Israel’s conquest that’s built on what the Lord’s already done in the Exodus.

25:13 / What opposite situations form a test in Deuteronomy 8?

26:30 / Jesus succeeds where Israel failed.

Resource: Health, Wealth, and the (Real) Gospel by Sean DeMars and Mike McKinley

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