Episode 18: On Conversion

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In a few weeks, we’re releasing a new book, Conversion: How God Creates a People, in which Michael Lawrence makes the case that one’s doctrine of conversion has massive effects on one’s philosophy of ministry. In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Mark and Jonathan talk about this connection.

– What’s this new book Conversion about? Why is conversion one of the nine marks? (1:55)

– How does conversion affect one’s philosophy of ministry and even preaching style? (5:30)

– Do liberal Christians have a doctrine of conversion? Same-sex affirming churches? (7:10)

– How does Genesis 3 inform our doctrine of conversion? (9:00)

– Is the doctrine of conversion going to become more and more offensive? (14:40)

– Biblically speaking, what is conversion? (15:40)

– Does “belonging before believing” undermine a biblical doctrine of conversion? Open communion? Spontaneous baptisms? (17:20)

– How does a biblical doctrine of conversion affect a pastor’s preaching? (20:00)

– How is church discipline an implication of the doctrine of conversion? (23:00)


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