Exodus 11–13: On the Presbyterian Exodus and the “Very Great” Podcast Named Bible Talk (Bible Talk, Ep. 25)

Bible Talk’s conversations through Exodus finally arrive at the exodus.


2:00 / What’s the purpose of Exodus 11 and its mere 10 verses?

3:06 / Why does Moses (seemingly) brag on himself?

4:45 / How frequent is first-person narrative in Scripture?

6:10 / In Exodus 11:6-7, Alex makes note of the contrast between Egypt’s crying and dogs not barking at Israel.

8:57 / What’s going on with the detailed pre-Passover ritual? 

10:47 / Sam says at the very heart of the Passover ceremony is penal substitution. 

13:06 / Jim elaborates on Israel’s biggest problem—that they’ve been alienated from God’s presence—which requires penal substitution.

13:54 / How does the Passover apply to Christians? (Because they’re not Jews.)

15:05 / Sam and Jim make observations about the different imagery used in the Passover preparation.

19:43 / Israel is set aside to be priests unto God.

21:20 / Why will the Passover be a “memorial day?”

23:30 / Does the Passover relate to the Lord’s Supper, and if so, how?

26:18 / Sam gives thanks for God’s purposeful design of a child’s inquisitiveness in memorial-like moments.  

28:28 / Pharaoh’s response to the tenth and final plague reminds Alex of Esau.

29:18 / Conflict between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent continues.

30:42 / Why does Exodus 12:40-41 sound like Israel’s obituary?

32:20 / Sam presents the highlights of the exodus in Exodus.

34:11 / In what way is this a Presbyterian exodus?

39:34 / Jim connects Moses’ instruction of the fathers in Exodus 13 to Deuteronomy.

40:33 / Why does God send Israel the long way?

41:45 / When Moses leaves Egypt, what does he take with him, and why is it important?

43:07 / How does the Lord let the people of Israel know he’s with them when they exit Egypt?

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