Genesis 1–50: The Academy Awards Episode (Bible Talk, Ep. 20)

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Alex Duke hosts the “Academy Awards of Genesis,” in which he gives some superlatives and asks Jim and Sam to look back and reflect on what they’ve learned as they’ve walked slowly through Moses’ masterpiece.

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2:19 / Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to “The Academy Awards Episode”! Alex asks Jim and Sam rapid-fire questions that summarize their time in Genesis.

3:04 / Alex asks, “How has the promise of Genesis 3:15 been repeated throughout the book of Genesis?” Is it the center message of Genesis?

6:10 / Another question: “Does Genesis give us a foundation for ethics?” Jim says that it gives us a foundation for how we should respond to God but the specifics aren’t laid out until the Ten Commandments.

10:21 / Alex asks about the age of the earth, and Jim gives his answer. Then he said we ought to embrace humility in our beliefs because none of us were there when God created it.

17:11 / What are the “GOAT moments” in genesis? No, not like the animal used for sacrifices, but the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) moments! Jim and Sam share their favorite moments.

20:04 / Alex asks, “Which story in Genesis did you overlook but now realize is quite important?”

22:53 / Alex asks, “What have you learned by walking and talking slowly through Genesis?”

24:47 / Jim and Sam discuss what they’ve changed their minds about.

25:46 / Who in Genesis would Jim and Sam want to grab an ice-cold Yoo-hoo with? (Sam learns what a Yoo-hoo is.)

26:37 / Which person in Genesis seems so problematic that Jim would want them to go to Sam and Alex’s church—and vice versa?

28:15 / Alex asks, “Which moment do you wish you could have seen with your own eyes?” Jim says creation, but Alex and Sam disagree. They want to see the WrestleMania moment between God and Jacob.

28:47 / Alex asks, “Which moment in Genesis subtly connects to Jesus and the gospel?”

32:22 / Jim and Sam explain how their meditation on Scripture grows their confidence in and love for God’s majestic work of the Bible.

37:12 / Jim and Sam offer book recommendations on Genesis:

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