Getting into the Weeds of Church Membership and Baptism with Bobby Jamieson and Jonathan Leeman

What is baptism? What does baptism mean? Is it simply an individual’s declaration that they now belong to Jesus? Is it a sign and seal of the new covenant, just as God intended circumcision to be a sign and seal of the old? And what does all of this have to do with church membership? Is church membership for everyone? Only baptized believers? Baptized believers and their children?

These questions often resist clear and easy answers, yet they take up their fair share of pastoral time and consideration. In an effort to help with these questions and others like them, Jonathan Leeman interviewed Bobby Jamieson about his new book Going Public. We pray you’ll find the time useful as the conversation perhaps even sharpens some of your own thoughts.

Editor’s note: Click here for a free sample chapter from Bobby’s book. 

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