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A podcast for preachers of God’s Word.

Preachers Talk

On Exposition for All (with Mervyn Eloff) | Preachers Talk, Ep. 41

By J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland, M. Eloff | 06.09.2022

Is exposition a construct? Is it something all preachers should do regardless of their geographic and cultural location?

On Beginning Well | Preachers Talk, Ep. 40

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 05.26.2022

There is a world of difference between preaching on occasion, regular guest preaching, and the weekly ministry of the Word to a single congregation. How does one begin well?

On Preaching Discourse | Preachers Talk, Ep. 39

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 05.05.2022

Most preachers are trained to preach discourse. What are the challenges to preaching the most well known parts of the Bible? How can we do it well? Dave, Ed, and Jeremy answer these questions and more.

On Preaching Hard Texts | Preachers Talk, Ep. 38

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 04.07.2022

Sometimes, preachers have to preach hard texts—not “hard” in the sense of challenging to interpret, but in the sense that they’ll challenging for our context. Jeremy, Dave, and Ed talk about how to preach these texts faithfully.

On Preaching Poetry | Preachers Talk, Ep. 37

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 03.03.2022

Poetry takes up a significant amount of Scripture. It can be of great help to the hearer and a gift to the preacher. This week Ed, Dave, and Jeremy explain why poetry is so useful and how they preach it.

On Effective Illustration | Preachers Talk, Ep. 36

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 02.17.2022

What are illustrations for? How can preachers use them to good effect in their preaching? In this episode Dave, Ed, and Jeremy seek to answer these questions and more while giving examples from their own work.

On Preaching Narrative | Preachers Talk, Ep. 35

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 02.03.2022

Everyone love stories. The Bible is full of stories. In this episode of Preachers Talk, Jeremy Meeks chats with Dave Helm and Ed Copeland about how to preach the Bible’s narratives well.

On Training Women for Exposition (with Colleen McFadden) | Preachers Talk, Ep. 34

By C. McFadden, D. Helm, J. Meeks | 01.20.2022

This week, Jeremy and Dave sit down with Colleen McFadden to discuss how to train women to teach the Bible in complementarian settings.

On Introductions | Preachers Talk, Ep. 33

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 12.17.2021

Every preacher begins a sermon, but most could begin them better. On this episode Ed, Dave, and Jeremy discuss what should be in our introductions and why.

On Getting Started Late | Preachers Talk, Ep. 32

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 12.03.2021

Is preaching just a “young man’s game”? On this episode Jeremy, Ed, and Dave consider the benefits to older preachers, both those who start late and those who have been at it for a while.

On Application (with Michael Lawrence) | Preachers Talk, Ep. 31

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, M. Lawrence | 11.19.2021

Every pastor knows they should apply the text. How should we do it well? How can we do it better?

Preachers Talk Mailbag #2

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 10.28.2021

In this episode Jeremy goes through the mailbag, asking a wide variety of questions submitted by listeners to Dave and Ed.

On Concession and Refutation | Preachers Talk, Ep. 29

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 10.07.2021

Sermon listeners have objections to what preachers say, believer and unbeliever alike. Dave, Ed, and Jeremy answer the question: What should and can the preacher do in order to name and navigate these objections?

On Argument | Preachers Talk, Ep. 28

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 09.02.2021

What is it the preacher is trying to do when he preaches? David Helm, Ed Copeland, and Jeremy Meeks discuss the vital task of making an argument in preaching. They tackle what it is and how they go about doing it in their own work.

On Pride vs. Contempt of Praise (with Mike Bullmore) | Preachers Talk, Ep. 27

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, M. Bullmore | 07.29.2021

How do we pursue humility while we also pursue excellence in preaching? On this episode Dave Helm and Jeremy Meeks sit down with Mike Bullmore to wrestle with the task of preaching without pride.

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