The Pastor and Counseling—A Conversation with Deepak Reju & Jeremy Pierre


How do we apply the gospel to same-sex attraction? Why does a teenager struggling with self-cutting need to hear about justification by faith alone? How in the world can a biblical doctrine of God help a husband prone to anger? The nature of pastoral ministry means identifying with people in their sin, which is just another way of saying that part of a pastor’s job description is the hard work of biblical counseling. But too often, churches and pastors leave this work up to the “professionals” for fear of not knowing enough and feeling unequipped.

In their new book, The Pastor and Counseling, Jeremy Pierre and Deepak Reju seek to change that. Jonathan Leeman interviews our two authors about this very what a counseling ministry may look like in a local church. We pray you will find it useful, as you seek to honor God and love your people.

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