A Faithful Witness Whose Testimony Challenges Muslim Insider Movements

By Ed Roberts | 08.22.2014

The Written Defense of the Rev. Mehdi Dibaj Delivered to the Sari Court of Justice – Sari, Iran December 3, 1993 A born Muslim who decided to follow and serve Jesus and paid the price with his life “In the Holy Name of God who is our life and existence” With all humility I express […]

Does Hebrews Tell Us to Move On from the Gospel?

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.21.2014

The author of Hebrews doesn’t move on from the gospel; he moves deeper into the gospel.

Gospel-Centrality: A Warning and a Recommendation

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.21.2014

Don’t let your gospel-centrality become gospel reductionism.

The Gospel: Not News or Story but News Story

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.21.2014

A lot of conversations about the gospel in recent years seem to go back to whether the gospel is a proposition or a story. Several years ago, I kept hearing people pit God-man-Christ-response (proposition) against creation-fall-redemption-consummation (story). Few people—I hope—still try to make those butt heads, but recognize that they serve different purposes. More recently Scot McKnight has offered […]

How to Survive a Cultural Crisis—7 Principles from Mark Dever

With Mark Dever | 08.21.2014

Each nation and age has a unique way to express its depravity, to attack God. But none will succeed any more than the crucifixion succeeded in defeating Jesus.

What Is the Gospel?

By Greg Gilbert | 06.13.2014

There has been much conversation in evangelicalism recently about how Christians should define the gospel—whether we should say that the gospel is purely the message that sinners can be forgiven of sin through repentance and faith in the crucified Christ, or whether it is something broader.  The conversation has gotten pointed, if not heated, at times, with those in one camp […]

Clearly Uncomfortable with Contextualization

By Ed Roberts | 06.11.2014

Some people are really uncomfortable with contextualization, even though we all do it and benefit from it all the time.   What is it, anyway?…well here’s one definition…Contextualization is “the attempt to communicate the message of the person, works, Word, and will of God in a way that is faithful to God’s revelation…and that is […]

Word Ministry and Deed Ministry (1 of 3)

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.11.2014

  About a year ago, a group of us at 9Marks decided to meet together semi-regularly to discuss that thorny bramble of a topic—the mission of the church. It’s a tough topic because it involves you in all sorts of controversial theological questions: what is the gospel; what’s the relationship of the gospel and moral […]

Word Ministry and Deed Ministry (2 of 3)

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.11.2014

  At the risk of redundancy with the first post in this series, here’s an excerpt from something I wrote which explores a little more deeply this question of whether and how both words and deeds are “necessary.” The excerpt comes from Reverberation: How God’s Word Gives Light, Freedom, and Action to His People which should be […]

Word Ministry and Deed Ministry (3 of 3)

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.11.2014

Here’s part 1 of this series, and here’s part 2. Now, here’s part 3: The word “mission” gets caught up in this question about the relationships of words and deeds. Some people say that we should define “mission” narrowly—to admit only Word ministry (the Great Commission—making disciples and teaching) in its definition. Some people say that we should define […]

Walking around with Muslims: Options for Showing and Telling the Gospel

By Ed Roberts | 06.11.2014

Let’s try to keep it simple today. We really only have three options when it comes to talking with Muslims about the gospel and Islam. Since Islam typically includes culture, religion, politics, and even economics, it can seem like a huge wall between us and our Muslim friends and acquaintances. Here are our options: Knock […]

Book Review: Antinomianism, by Mark Jones

Review by Justin Dillehay | 02.20.2014

Few questions are as pressing for Christians as “Does God’s love for me change when I disobey?”

Evangelizing Prosperity Gospel Adherents

By Allen Duty | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.15.2014

How can we better prepare ourselves to evangelize those who believe the prosperity gospel?

Do You Know What Your Missionaries Actually Teach?!

By Sean DeMars | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.15.2014

Love the gospel, protect it, and guard it. And for the love of all things good and holy, please stop sending missionaries if they don’t.

Nine Marks of a Prosperity Gospel Church

By D. A. Horton | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.15.2014

A prosperity gospel church is a purely anti-nine marks church.