The Great Commission Needs the Church

The Great Commission Needs the Church

By Mark Dever | 03.07.2018

Mark Dever talks about the necessary connection between the local church and the Great Commission.

The Foolish Quest for a “Silver Bullet” in Global Missions

By Steve Jennings | 03.02.2018

We’ve gone mad trying to unlock what everyone since the days of the apostles hasn’t discovered yet: the perfect formula for explosive, exponential kingdom growth.

I'm doubting my salvation. What should I do?

What Should I Do When I’m Doubting My Salvation?

By Mark Dever | 02.28.2018

Mark Dever answers this important question.

What is Expository Preaching?

What is Expositional Preaching?

By Mark Dever | 02.27.2018

A talk delivered at the 9Marks at Midwestern conference.

Evangelism Involves No Manipulation

Evangelism Involves No Manipulation

By Mark Dever | 02.15.2018

Mark Dever explains how true evangelism has nothing to do with coercion or manipulation.

Episode 39: On “Mere Christianity”

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 02.13.2018

Is “mere Christianity”—the conviction that we should focus on only what’s essential to being a Christian—really the path toward true Christian unity? Does it guard the gospel over time?

This Drives our International Vision

By Rick Denham | 01.04.2018

For over 150 years, the Strasbourg Cathedral abandoned the Latin Mass and replaced it with the preaching of the Protestant Reformers. What caused this dramatic shift?

How can a pastor cultivate the discipline of personal evangelism?

By Mack Stiles | 11.22.2017

How can pastors cultivate the discipline of personal evangelism?

Book Review—Technicolor: Inspiring Your Church to Embrace Multicultural Ministry, by Mark Hearn

Review by Joel Kurz | 11.20.2017

While there are a few weaknesses, this book offers a unique and much-needed contribution to American evangelicalism, especially as demographics change.

The Church Has Two Missions: Narrow and Broad

By Jonathan Leeman | 11.06.2017

What is the mission of the church? Answering that requires defining what we mean by the “church.”

Episode 25: On the Mission of the Church

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 10.31.2017

What is the mission of the church? Is it to preach the gospel and make disciples—or is that too narrow?

How should I share the gospel with a Roman Catholic?

By Sugel Michelén | 10.25.2017

Do we confront the differences between Protestants and Catholics head-on? Sugel Michelen answers.

How does preaching look in your context?

By Mez McConnell | 10.04.2017

The ways we preach in our community might be frowned upon in most seminaries or places that teach you how to “preach correctly.” We’re serious about the Word but have a much more relaxed style.

John Onwuchekwa

How to Preach Repentance

By John Onwuchekwa | 10.03.2017

Episode 21: On Missions

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 10.03.2017

Jonathan Leeman sits down with Mark Dever to talk about how local churches can more wisely support overseas work.