Book Review: Practicing Hospitality, by Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock

Review by Adrienne Lawrence | 9Marks Journal: Family & Parenting | 03.03.2010

This book will help those who are unfamiliar with the biblical idea of hospitality and provide a useful introduction to the concept.

Book Review: Churches that Make a Difference, by Ron Sider, Philip Olson, and Heidi Rolland Unruh

Review by Flynn Cratty | 9Marks Journal: Counseling in the Church | 03.03.2010

Sider, Olson, and Unruh seem to think that the mission of the church is to do all it can to evangelize, meet people’s needs, and transform society.

Book(s) Review: The Radical Reformission & Confessions of a Reformission Rev, by Mark Driscoll

Review by Mike McKinley | 9Marks Journal: The Emerging Church | 03.03.2010

Taken together, the two books constitute a clarion call to the evangelical church in America, as it adapts to its marginalized status in post-modern culture.

Book Review: Announcing the Kingdom, by Arthur F. Glasser

Review by Robin Weekes | 9Marks Journal: Church & Culture | 03.03.2010

This book’s message that the whole Bible is not just messianic but also missional is a valuable reminder of Jesus’ great promise to all nations.

Book Review: The Heart of Evangelism, by Jerram Barrs

Review by Geoff Chang | 9Marks Journal: Young Pastors | 03.03.2010

This book is a challenge for Christians to thoughtfully, humbly, and graciously engage non-Christians as they seek to share the gospel with the

Book Review: Let the Nations Be Glad!, by John Piper

Review by Robin Weekes | 9Marks Journal: Missions | 03.02.2010

This remains both the best antidote to a man-centred approach to missions and the best challenge to the Reformed community to have a heart for global evangelism.

Book Review: Jesus the Evangelist, by Richard Phillips

Review by Byron Straughn | 9Marks Journal: Young Pastors | 03.02.2010

Jesus the Evangelist is worth reading and recommending to others. Let me tell you why.

Book Review: An Introduction to the Science of Missions, by John Herman Bavinck

Review by Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Missions | 03.02.2010

“Answers can be given solely on the basis of Scripture.” That is what sets this book apart from so many modern books on missions.

Book(s) Review: Questioning Evangelism & Corner Conversations, by Randy Newman

Review by Byron Straughn | 9Marks Journal: Corporate Prayer | 03.02.2010

Evangelism doesn’t have to be only “random,” but natural relationships can be cultivated as God-given means of witnessing.

Book Review: They Like Jesus But Not the Church, by Dan Kimball

Review by Kevin McFadden | 9Marks Journal: Living As a Church | 03.02.2010

Kimball’s book provides good insight into how some non-Christians think, and readers will be challenged by his excellent diagnostic questions at the end of each chapter.

Book Review: Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

Review by Patrick Schreiner | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 1) | 03.02.2010

This book is a useful prod for anyone who treats Christianity as if it only means intellectually assenting to a set of facts, but not something that changes your life.

Book Review: The Irresistible Revolution, by Shane Claiborne

Review by Shane Walker | 9Marks Journal: Living As a Church | 03.02.2010

The book’s theology is an unbiblical and incoherent synthesis which might be described as popularized Christian anarchism for young, disaffected, middle-class Americans.

Book Review: I Sold My Soul On eBay, by Hemant Mehta

Review by Mike McKinley | 9Marks Journal: Cooperation | 03.02.2010

Which brings me to my question: why would the church scramble to take advice from someone who does not share its faith?

Book Review: Christians at the Cross, by N. T. Wright

Review by Thomas R. Schreiner | 9Marks Journal: Marriage & Pastors' Wives | 03.02.2010

We can be grateful for some of the themes sounded in this book. Still, the lack of urgency about our need to repent and believe in the gospel is a blind-spot in Wright.

Book Review: The Great Exchange, by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington

Review by Shane Walker | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 2) | 03.02.2010

Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington have invited the church to the lifelong effort of bringing our beliefs in line with the Bible’s teaching on the atonement in all its eternal glory.