25 Years Ago, “Nine Marks” Was Born

By Mark Dever | 10.28.2016

On October 30, 1991—25 years ago this Sunday—Mark Dever wrote a letter to a church in Massachusetts. They needed a new pastor and wanted to know what they should be looking for. Mark responded with a list of nine must-haves—a list that has since become known as “nine marks of a healthy church.”

4 Lessons We Should Learn from 19th-Century Missionaries

By Travis L. Myers | 10.25.2016

In contrast to current faddish pragmatic strategies devoid of ecclesiology, these 19th-century missionaries articulated a biblical and holistic understanding of the missionary life and ministry.

On the Authority of a Sending Church

By Ken Caruthers | 9Marks Journal: Authority: God's Good and Dangerous Gift | 09.30.2016

Let’s ensure that missionaries who leave quickly fall under the authority of a Christ-governed healthy church wherever they are.

Divide and Prosper: A Historical Account of Church-Planting by “Peaceable Division”

By Simeon Williams | 08.25.2016

For too long, the narrative of American churches has been divide-or-die. So perhaps it’s worth asking the question: have we given proper consideration to divide-and-prosper?

How to Cultivate a Culture of Evangelism

By Ken Mbugua | 08.17.2016

Ken Mbugua’s session during the First 5 Years conference in Fort Worth, TX. For more about 9Marks conferences and ministry, please visit http://www.9marks.org

Four Biblical Foundations for Contextualization

By Zane Pratt | 07.18.2016

The goal of contextualization is not comfort, but clarity.

The Recent Shootings and What to Say This Sunday

By Brian Davis | 07.08.2016

Your people need to know how the gospel applies to both the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile situations and the long dark tradition of racial injustice, as well as how it applies to retaliatory violence

Reflections on SBC Pastors’ Conference, Monday, June 13, 2016

By Grant Gaines | 06.14.2016

Grant Gaines reflects on the Pastor’s Conference at the Southern Baptist Convention.

Book Review: The Whole Christ, by Sinclair Ferguson

By Paul Alexander | 05.18.2016

This book is an instant classic—historical theology at its best.

Churches in Madagascar: Growing Deeper and Wider

By Tim Cantrell | 9Marks Journal: Healthy Churches around the World | 04.27.2016

Please join me in rejoicing at how God’s Word is at work in Madagascar, and also in praying for the spread of his Word in that needy place.

Should You Stay or Go?

By Mark Dever | 04.26.2016

Is the point of all this to say that some of you should leave your churches? Kind of. Some should go to help struggling churches. Some should plant new ones. Some should go overseas. And some should stay.

Book Review: Fool’s Talk, by Os Guinness

Review by Erik Raymond | 03.29.2016

Far too often, we engage in apologetics to win arguments rather than to win hearts. This book corrects that wrong impulse.

Lessons for Fools: Mark Dever Asks Os Guinness about His New Evangelism Book

By M. Dever, O. Guinness | 03.08.2016

Christians should be persuasive, and with his new book Fool’s Talk, Os Guinness offers a comprehensive presentation of the art and power of creative and distinctly Christian persuasion.

How should this desire to be persuasive affect our evangelism? Does God expect us to know the answers to every question? And how can we do this while remaining humble, recognizing that salvation is all of grace?

For our most recent 9Marks interview, Mark Dever sits down with Guinness to talk with him about these questions and more. We hope you’ll find it useful.

How Your Understanding of Conversion Impacts Your Ministry

By Jonathan Leeman | 02.17.2016

Your doctrine of conversion will push or drive—like an engine—your ministerial practices in this direction or that.

Book Review: Honest Evangelism, by Rico Tice

Review by Austin Suter | 02.04.2016

Evangelism is hard. This book should help.