Book Review: Humble Calvinism, by J. A. Medders

Review by Jeff Mooney | 9Marks Journal: Ecclesiology for Calvinists | 02.05.2019

This book is a simple, straightforward, and humble correction and encouragement to follow the Savior from the Reformed ranks.

Book Review: Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, by J. I. Packer

Review by Mark Carrington | 9Marks Journal: Ecclesiology for Calvinists | 02.05.2019

Packer’s book offers a concise and compelling argument unpacking how evangelism and the sovereignty of God co-exist, and if properly understood, enhance one another.

Book Review: By His Grace and For His Glory: A Historical, Theological and Practical Study of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life, by Thomas J. Nettles

Review by Adam Triplett | 9Marks Journal: Ecclesiology for Calvinists | 02.05.2019

This work can help pastors and members alike better understand how the doctrines of grace undergird and fuel passionate evangelism and missionary endeavors.

What the West Should Know about Churches in Africa

By Chopo Mwanza | 02.01.2019

There’s a lot that the church in Africa can learn from our brethren in the West—and vice versa.

Book Review: Salvation with a Smile: Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, and American Christianity

Review by Sam Emadi | 01.31.2019

One key takeaway from the story of Joel Osteen’s ministry is the way that he and other modern mainstream prosperity preachers have altered the prosperity gospel to fit more with America’s secularizing worldview.

Don’t Ignore the “Speed Limit”: How the Sufficiency of Scripture Should Make Us Patient

By Dave Comeau | 01.28.2019

The Bible’s speed limit signs are posted everywhere, but our focus on numbers and fast growth causes us to speed right by them.

Teaching Doctrine to Uneducated Hearers

Teaching Doctrine to Uneducated Hearers

By Andy Prime | 01.24.2019

Andy Prime, a church planter in Scotland, explains the necessity of teaching sound doctrine to everyone, regardless of educational background.

Building a Healthy Church Amid Nominal Christianity

Building a Healthy Church Amid Nominal Christianity

By Aaron Menikoff | 01.16.2019

The practice of meaningful membership is at the heart of what it means to be a faithful church in a nominal Christian culture.

Our Greatest Need Is Spiritual, Not Physical

Our Greatest Need Is Spiritual, Not Physical

By Ken Mbugua | 01.10.2019

Ken Mbugua, a pastor in Nairobi, answers the question, “What do you wish American pastors, churches, and missionaries knew about Christianity in Africa?”


By Michael Lawrence

How God Creates a People Does what a church believes about how people become Christians change how we do evangelism? In this concise book, Michael Lawrence explains the doctrine of conversion and … keep reading…


By J. Mack Stiles

How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus Evangelism is more than a program. In Evangelism, author J. Mack Stiles casts a biblical picture where evangelism is simply part of the … keep reading…

The Gospel

By Ray Ortlund

How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ The gospel is the greatest message of all time addressing the greatest need of all people. However, the good news about Jesus does more … keep reading…


By Andy Johnson

How the Local Church Goes Global Every local church should be engaged with global missions, even if most individuals in the church aren’t called to go overseas. But what does … keep reading…

Must a Preacher Preach the Gospel in Every Sermon?

Must a Preacher Preach the Gospel in Every Sermon?

By Nathan Malpass | 12.27.2018

As preachers, we must proclaim the gospel in every sermon. But that doesn’t mean our sermons from Galatians should sound exactly like our sermons from Genesis.

Best Books for Pastors 2018

Best Books for Pastors in 2018

By Alex Duke | 12.21.2018

We asked pastors from around the world a simple question: what books did you read in 2018 that helped you be a better pastor?