9Marks Weekender | Hinson Baptist Church

Portland, OR | May 17–19, 2019 | Register

The goal of a 9Marks Weekender is to provide an environment in which leaders can observe and discuss the biblical and practical dynamics of nurturing love and holiness in a local church.

This Weekender in Portland, OR, immerses church leaders and seminarians in the life of Hinson Baptist Church over the course of a weekend. You’ll get an up-close and personal experience with our services, congregational meeting, focused teaching on the church, plenty of Q&A, and even attend an elder’s meeting. The point is not for you to replicate exactly what you see. In fact, we’d prefer it if you don’t! But we want to begin a conversation by showing you what we do, and the biblical and pastoral reasoning behind it. Learn more, or Register here.

Michael Lawrence

May 17—19, 2019

Hinson Baptist Church
1137 Southeast 20th Avenue
Portland, OR

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