9 Marks Weekender in Rhode Island

Providence, RI | | October 7–9, 2022 | Register

Grace Harbor Church will be hosting a Weekender on A Weekender is a full-on immersion in the life and inner workings of a church committed to living and ministering biblically. You’ll be front and center for lectures on expositional preaching and implementing change. You’ll meet in the homes with church members. You’ll even go behind closed doors to observe an elders’ meeting. From leadership to worship to body life and more, it’s all on the table.

Grace Harbor Church PVD
47 Fenner Street
Providence, RI 02903

Learn more and register here. The cost to register for the Weekender is $50. If you are a student and have questions about possible discounts, please email: info@graceharbor.net.


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