Elders: Raising Them Up & Keeping Them Together with Jeramie Rinne and Eric Bancroft


Where do elders come from? Is there a way to raise them up without trying to “reverse engineer” a man-made process? And once a church has elders, how can they stay unified? What does “unity” among elders even look like? Must they agree on every single thing?

Pastors Jeramie Rinne and Eric Bancroft have thought a lot about these questions—in fact, Jeramie’s even written a book on the subject—and now they’re here to help you think about them, too. This month’s audio is titled “Elders: Raising Them Up & Keeping Them Together,” and it features a pair of workshops given by Eric and Jeramie to a group of pastors just like yourselves.

Editor’s note: These workshops were originally recorded at the Desiring God 2015 Conference for Pastors in Partnership with Bethlehem College & Seminary.

Eric Bancroft

Eric Bancroft is the pastor of Grace Church, a new church in Miami, Florida.

Jeramie Rinne

Jeramie Rinne is an author and the senior pastor of Evangelical Community Church of Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

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