How quickly should a pastor make changes - Jeramie Rinne

How Quickly Should Pastors Change Things?

By Jeramie Rinne | 11.07.2019

Generally speaking, you should change things at a rate the people you’re ministering to will understand, and not feel like they’re being railroaded. Sadly, most young pastors tend to move too quickly.

On Pastoring a Small Church

On Pastoring a Small Church (with PJ Tibayan & Jonathan Worsley)

By J. Leeman, J. Worsley, M. Dever, P. Tibayan | 11.05.2019

Pastoring small churches comes with unique challenges. In this Pastors’ Talk episode, Jonathan Leeman, Mark Dever, PJ Tibayan, and Jonathan Worsley discuss the blessings and burdens of shepherding a small flock.

On Helping Church Members with Spiritual Disciplines (with Brian Davis & John Onwuchekwa)

Episode 102: On Helping Church Members with Spiritual Disciplines (with Brian Davis & John Onwuchekwa)

By B. Davis, J. Onwuchekwa, J. Leeman, M. Dever | 10.29.2019

Pastors want their people to pray and read the Bible. In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan Leeman chats with three pastors about how to encourage members toward spiritual disciplines by grace and not guilt.

What Does 2 John Have to Teach Us about Partnering with False Teachers?

By Sean DeMars | 10.18.2019

We must not align ourselves with false teachers, apostate churches, or any of their ministries in any way that will confuse people about the truth of the gospel and the identity of Jesus.

When Is It Time to Leave?

By Eric Bancroft | 10.16.2019

How does a pastor know when it’s time to leave one church for another? Eric Bancroft says three things must be present.

John Bunyan and Pastoral Calling

By Matt Haste | 10.11.2019

Bunyan and the Puritans understood the high calling of the pastorate and were eager to protect the office. They offer a wise example for helping young men determine if they are called by God to serve as pastors today. 

Episode 99 - On the Pastors Prayer Life with Thabiti Anyabwile & H.B. Charles Jr

Episode 99: On the Pastor’s Prayer Life (with Thabiti Anyabwile & H.B. Charles Jr.)

By H. B. Charles, J. Leeman, M. Dever, T. Anyabwile | 10.08.2019

A prayerless pastor ought to be an oxymoron. In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan Leeman chats with Thabiti Anyabwil, H. H. Charles, Jr. and Mark Dever about a pastor and his prayer life.

Book Review: Letters to the Church, by Francis Chan

Review by Juan Sanchez | 10.03.2019

Chan offers some penetrating and incisive critiques of the modern church but offers a simplistic solution based on a selective and naïve hermeneutic.

“Is This a Sin?”: Ethical Triage and Church Discipline

By Andrew T. Walker | 10.02.2019

When it comes to ethical conflicts facing local churches, we need to carefully distinguish categories of “may” (permissible), “should/should not” (advisable), and “must” (obligatory).

Why and How We Started a Sunday Evening Service

By Matthew Fletcher | 09.30.2019

On the first Sunday of 2019, our church started a Sunday evening service. Here’s how and why we did it.

Episode 97: On Celebrating Pastoral Anniversaries (with Isaac Adams)

By I. Adams, J. Leeman, M. Dever | 09.24.2019

In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan chats with Mark and Isaac Adams—who presided over Mark’s 25th anniversary celebration—about how to celebrate pastoral anniversaries.

Book Review: Remaining Faithful in Ministry, by John MacArthur

Review by Bob Johnson | 09.19.2019

If you are going to be faithful in ministry you have to preach the gospel clearly. If you preach the gospel clearly, you will be attacked. When you are attacked, you have to resist making ministry about yourself.

Pastors Talk episode On Church Elders

Episode 96: On Church Elders (with Jeramie Rinne)

By J. Rinne, J. Leeman | 09.17.2019

In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan chats with Jeramie Rinne about church elders.

Pastoring in a City Full of Mega-Churches

Pastoring in a City Full of Mega-Churches

By Aaron Menikoff | 09.12.2019

Why is pastoring in a city full of mega-churches both a blessing and a challenge? Aaron Menikoff explains.

Pastor, Don’t Waste Your Spiritually Dry Seasons

By Jeff Mooney | 09.09.2019

Every Christian—and every pastor—has spiritually dry seasons. How do we handle them?