Book Review: Leading Turnaround Teams, by Gene Wood and Daniel Harkavy

Review by Will Kynes | 03.05.2010

The church is not a business. Yet the fact that pastors and seminarians are routinely barraged with books that promise growth based on business principles testifies to the triumph of the corporate mindset in America—and sadly, in many American churches. As those entrusted with the care of the church, we must diligently dig up the […]

Book Review: The Gospel According to Starbucks, by Leonard Sweet

Review by Brian Strider | 9Marks Journal: The Gospel | 03.05.2010

Pastors, please don’t model your church after Starbucks, Disney, or Toyota. Teach your flock what God has to say to the church.

Book Review: Biblical Eldership, by Alexander Strauch

Review by Paul Alexander | 03.05.2010

Alexander Strauch breathes fresh air into the church leadership discussion with his book Biblical Eldership.

Book Review: Perimeters of Light, by Elmer Towns and Ed Stetzer

Review by Flynn Cratty | 03.05.2010

If one had to identify a simple thesis of the book, it would probably be the statement that “God has no preference regarding style, but highly regards motives and outcomes.”

Book Review: Reviewing Leadership, by Robert Banks and Bernice M. Ledbetter

Review by Jeremy Yong | 03.05.2010

Christians wanting a true evaluation of current approaches to leadership will unfortunately have to wait. This book isn’t it.

Book Review: Elders in Congregational Life, by Phil Newton

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 03.05.2010

This book is devoted to working out the nuances of the relationship between congregation and elders.

Book Review: Dangerous Intersections, by Jay Dennis and Jim Henry

Review by Ryan Townsend | 03.05.2010

Pastors can pick up and read this book for encouragement and insight, staying mindful to hold everything up to the test of Scripture and the context of their local church.

Book Review: Reforming Pastoral Ministry, ed. by John Armstrong

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

John Armstrong has compiled a book called Reforming Pastoral Ministry that is a well-placed and much-needed dart in the balloon of the church growth movement.

Book Review: 40 Questions About Elders and Deacons, by Ben Merkle

Review by Will Kynes | 9Marks Journal: Family & Parenting | 03.03.2010

Merkle reminds us that the Bible has a great deal to say about how we do church.

Book Review: The Book on Leadership, by John MacArthur

Review by Owen Strachan | 03.03.2010

This book is a very good resource for pastors seeking a spiritually-focused book on leadership.

Book Review: Advanced Strategic Planning, by Aubrey Malphurs

Review by Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Corporate Prayer | 03.03.2010

I’m not sure if Malphurs’s solution, his strategic planning program, is the cure-all for the church’s various maladies that he conceives it to be.

Book Review: Rethinking the Church, by James White

Review by Paul Alexander | 03.02.2010

This kind of thinking thinking subtly leads us into the futility of dependence on synthetic technique and the idolatry of dependence on self, culture, and business theory.

Book Review: Natural Church Development, by Christian Shwarz

Review by Brian Strider | 9Marks Journal: Corporate Prayer | 03.02.2010

Schwarz’s low view of Scripture is also seen in his desire to place natural observations and research along side of or verifying Scripture.

Book(s) Review: Who Runs the Church? and Perspectives on Church Government

Review by Bobby Jamieson | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 1) | 03.02.2010

Multiple-views books like this provide a perfect opportunity—an opportunity neither book fully makes good on—to set the record straight about positions that are not mutually exclusive.

Book Review: The Living Church: Convictions of a Life Long Pastor, by John Stott

Review by Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Living As a Church | 03.02.2010

I found myself deeply encouraged by the reflections of this life-long pastor, who has been such a clear gift to Christ’s church.