An Elders’ Forum

By Forum | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 2) | 03.01.2010

Thinking back to when you first became an elder, what initial lesson(s) most stand out in equipping you to elder well?

Questions for Pastoral Candidates

By Paul Alexander | 9Marks Journal: Pastoral Moves | 03.01.2010

What are some questions specific to pastoral fidelity that churches should be asking pastoral candidates? Here’s a starter set. Can you think of more?

A Pastor’s Forum

By Forum | 9Marks Journal: Raising Up the Next Generation of Pastors | 03.01.2010

Do local churches have the responsibility to help raise up the next generation of pastors, and if so, why?

The first steps in changing church leadership structure

By Phil Newton | 03.01.2010

Changes in the leadership structure require devotion to the church and willingness to endure whatever unsettling times might follow.

How to Change Your Church

By Mark Dever | 03.01.2010

As a pastor, your greatest power to help your congregation change comes not through your forceful personality, but through years of faithful, patient teaching.

Class VIII: Church Leadership

By Jamie Dunlop | 9Marks Journal: Living As a Church | 03.01.2010

Through submission we model the godly humility that should characterize us as a church, and we maintain our Christian unity in the midst of disagreement.

Class V: Church Government

By Jamie Dunlop | 9Marks Journal: Living As a Church | 03.01.2010

What exactly is church government? Put simply, it’s the system by which decisions are made in a church, a description of where authority resides.

Things I’ve Seen and Heard — When Pastors Gather

By Matt Schmucker | 03.01.2010

Biblically speaking, being a leader in a church is far more than “counting numbers and noses.”

Who is responsible for planning weekly worship services?

By Tom Nettles | 03.01.2010

An ongoing study of the hymn repertoire, past and present, is a task that the pastor should make a part of his duties.

The Power of Example

By Mark Dever | 03.01.2010

Does God’s mercy ever obscure His holiness in His word? What about in His church?

Should a Church Have Elders?

By Mark Dever | 03.01.2010

The best reason a church should have elders is because the New Testament says that it should.

What is the relationship between the elders and the church?

By Mark Dever | 03.01.2010

The relationship between the elders and the local congregation they serve should be marked by many evidences of godly character and mutual dependence on God. Not least among these should be:

Looking For A Few Good Men

By M. Dever, P. Alexander | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

Life experience alone does not qualify a man as an elder.

Should Elders Be Ordained?

By Benjamin Merkle | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

To rightfully be a “pastor” (or deacon) is to be “ordained” in the sense of being publicly installed into that office.

Unbelief in an Elder’s Children — Exegesis

By Justin Taylor | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

May a man have children who are unbelievers and yet be appointed or continue as an elder?