A Pastor Defends His Multi-Site Church

By J. D. Greear | 9Marks Journal: Multi-site Churches | 02.25.2010

Here is why we enthusiastically embrace the multi-site strategy as biblically sound, practically wise, and pastorally helpful.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Inspiring Lives (with Iain Murray)

By I. H. Murray, M. Dever | 11.01.2009

Iain Murray, one of evangelicalism’s premier biographers, points to several luminaries from church history you might have missed.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Christian Rap (with Shai Linne and Voice)

By C. "Voice" Allen, M. Dever, S. Linne | 10.01.2009

Are “Christian” and “rap” mutually exclusive? Hardly. Shai Linne and Voice explain hip hop culture, rap music’s potential for the gospel, and why rap can’t replace preaching.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Being Faithful in a Secular World (with Darryl Hart)

By D. G. Hart, M. Dever | 08.01.2009

Darryl Hart discusses J. Gresham Machen, evangelicalism, and why Christians shouldn’t be afraid of secularism.

Christians and Culture with Ken Myers

9Marks | 05.01.2009

Mark Dever asks Ken Myers about why Christians today are so worldly and yet so obsessed with culture. Does he see any correlation?

Understanding the Lord’s Supper

By Bobby Jamieson

Why did Jesus give the church a meal to eat together? The Lord’s Supper isn’t just something churches do together, it’s something that binds us together, making many into one. … keep reading…

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Observing Evangelicalism with D. A. Carson

By D. A. Carson, M. Dever | 11.24.2008

Mark Dever asks Carson about the highs and lows of the evangelical landscape.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Life and Counseling with David Powlison

By D. Powlison, M. Dever | 10.25.2008

David Powlison shares about his conversion, his view of counseling, his quick take on multiple books, and more.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Life and Ministry with Os Guinness

By M. Dever, O. Guinness | 08.24.2008

Mark Dever asks author Os Guinness about life at L’Abri, Frank Schaeffer, American exceptionalism, the state of the church, and more.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Fundamentalism and Separation (with Mark Minnick)

By M. Dever, M. Minnick | 05.24.2008

Pastor and Bob Jones University professor Mark Minnick presents the case for the Fundamentalist doctrine of separation.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Anglicanism and Evangelicalism with Phillip Jensen

By M. Dever, P. Jensen | 04.29.2008

Phillip Jensen discusses Australian Anglicanism, dealing with success, his lack of regard for the academy, training ministers, and more.

Building Healthy Churches with Mark Dever

By C. J. Mahaney, M. Dever | 01.31.2008

C. J. Mahaney asks Mark Dever why he did what he did and does what he does to build healthy churches.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Life and Ministry with Mark Dever

By C. J. Mahaney, M. Dever | 08.31.2007

The tables turn as C.J. Mahaney puts Mark Dever in the hot seat and interviews him.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Above All Earthly Powers with David Wells

By D. Wells, M. Dever | 07.31.2007

Mark Dever asks David Wells about going against culture, contextualization, postmodernism, how to do theology as preachers, urban ministry, and more. You’ll want to listen several times.

Feminism in Your Church and Home with Russell Moore, Randy Stinson, and C.J. Mahaney

By C. J. Mahaney, M. Dever, R. Stinson, R. D. Moore | 04.30.2007

What does Randy Stinson say feminism is? Why does Russ Moore say most members of our churches are in “same sex” marriages? Why does Mark Dever think pastors should pay attention? Why does C.J. Mahaney think Mark needs to make a bigger deal of complementarianism vs. egalitarianism than he does?