9Marks Mailbag

Mailbag #17: Renting Out Church Facilities; Too Busy to Elder; Transitioning to Closed Communion; Problems with Secret Societies

By Jonathan Leeman | 10.14.2015

—How should we think through renting out our church facilities? —Is there ever a time when a man is too busy to be an elder? —Should ministry roles be restricted to members only? —As Christians, what should we think of secret societies like the Freemasons?

Mailbag #16: Dual Membership; Does Marriage Require State Involvement; How Much Agreement Among Elders

By Jonathan Leeman | 10.05.2015

—What should I think about “dual membership”? —If marriage is created by God, does it require state involvement? —Must elders agree on every doctrinal matter? How much agreement is necessary?

Mailbag #15: Officiating Non-Christian Weddings; Meaningful Membership before Establishing Elders; Excommunicate for Not Giving Money; Transfer Membership

By Jonathan Leeman | 09.09.2015

—Are pastors free to officiate a non-Christian wedding? —What should come first: meaningful membership or a plurality of elders? —Shouldn’t a refusal to give to your church result in excommunication? —Should a church accept transfer memberships from other churches at face value?

Mailbag #14: Discipling without “Picking Favorites”; Tricky Baptism Situation; Churches and Name Changes; Numerical Growth v. Spiritual Growth

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.31.2015

—How do I encourage people to not “play favorites” with their discipling relationships? —How do I think through this tricky baptism situation? —Must churches have the word “church” in their names? —Is very little numerical growth okay if spiritual growth is taking place?

Mailbag #13: Baptism before Communion; Moderating Members’ Meetings; Cooperating with Other Churches in Church Discipline; How to Transition to Elders and Deacons

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.24.2015

—Is the Lord’s Supper only for those who have been baptized? —Who should moderate members’ meetings? —What do you do when someone wants to join your church, but they’ve been disciplined by another church? —How does a church transition to elders and deacons?

Mailbag #12: Training Bible Teachers; Attending a Wedding Between Professing Christian and a Muslim; Thoughts on “Re-Baptisms”; My Pastor Never Reads his Sermon Text

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.17.2015

—How can our church train Bible teachers? —My friend says she’s a Christian, yet is marrying a Muslim. Should I attend the wedding? —What do you think about “re-baptisms”? —My pastor never reads his sermon text. Is that problematic?

Mailbag #11—Why “Disowning” Family Members Isn’t an Option; Term Limits for Elders; Expedited Church Discipline; Can I Leave My Family’s Church?

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.07.2015

—How should I treat my unrepentant father-in-law? —Should elders have term limits? —Is there ever a case where church discipline should be done immediately? —Can I leave the church I grew up in?

Mailbag #10—Lord’s Supper in Nursing Home; Christians Dating a Non-Christian; Role of Small Group Leaders; New Pastor in Need of Help

By Jonathan Leeman | 07.31.2015

Lord’s Supper in Nursing Home » Christians Dating a Non-Christian » Role of Small Group Leaders » New Pastor in Need of Help » Mike, We get some version of this question often. I assume you are asking about members of your church who are unable to attend? This is a topic on which your […]

Mailbag #9—Lord’s Supper in Small Groups; Elder Disqualified by Unbelieving Wife; Immersion Necessary for Baptism?

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.12.2015

—Is it legitimate to take the Lord’s Supper apart from a local congregation? —Can a man with an unbelieving wife serve as an elder? —Is immersion necessary for baptism?

Mailbag #8: Confidentiality among Elders; Meaningful Membership; Can an Elder Be Single?; and Young Earth Creationism

By Jonathan Leeman | 05.04.2015

—How should elders practice confidentiality? —Can an elder/pastor be single? —How do I make membership more meaningful at my church? —Should young earth creationism be a test of orthodoxy?

Mailbag #7—Cake-baking Principles; Two Services or One; Youth Pastors; & A Discipline Issue

By Jonathan Leeman | 04.24.2015

Mailbag #7—Cake-baking Principles; Two Services or One; Youth Pastors; & A Discipline Issue

Mailbag #6: Pastors’ Wives, Taking Oaths, Pastors & Administration Work

By Jonathan Leeman | 04.17.2015

—Can I pastor’s wife work outside the home? —Is it permissible to sign a church covenant? Didn’t Jesus forbid oath-taking? —My church wants me to focus more on administration and less on shepherding. Aren’t they misunderstanding what a pastor is?

Mailbag #5: Not Baptizing Children, Small Groups, Elders and Porn—Again 

By Jonathan Leeman | 04.10.2015

—Should we baptize children? —What’s better, small groups or one-on-one discipleship? —How do pastors balance being a model to the flock while still confessing their fallibility?

Mailbag #4: Gospel Culture, Elders and Porn

By Jonathan Leeman | 03.27.2015

—My church is growing in number but not in grace. What can I do about it? —I struggled with porn five years ago. Am I qualified to be an elder?

Mailbag #3: Plagiarizing Pastor, Membership Interview

By Jonathan Leeman | 03.20.2015

My pastor is plagiarizing. What should I do?