cooperation for encouragement Paul Martin

Cooperating with Different Churches — How and Why

By Paul Martin | 02.19.2020

How can churches from different denominational backgrounds work together to encourage one another?

The Problem with Altar Calls and the Sinner’s Prayer

The Problem with Altar Calls and the Sinner’s Prayer

By Michael Lawrence | 02.13.2020

There’s no question the Lord has used altar calls and the sinner’s prayer to bring people to himself. But in general, they’re not a good idea. They inoculate people to the gospel, convincing them they no longer need it when in fact they don’t have it at all.

What Does It Mean that “God Is Love”?

What Does It Mean that “God Is Love”?

By Jonathan Leeman | 02.07.2020

When the Apostle John says “God is love,” what does he mean?

What Does the Phrase Husband of One Wife imply

In 1 Timothy 3:2, What Does the Phrase “Husband of One Wife” Imply?

By Jeramie Rinne | 01.29.2020

Does the phrase “husband of one wife” mean that an unmarried or divorced man cannot serve as an elder or pastor?

Knowing Gods Will - Orlando Saer

Knowing God’s Will

By Orlando Saer | 01.22.2020

Should you look for a sign that every decision you make is God’s will? Pastor Orlando Saer explains why that’s *not* the right way to live your life.

Pastors & Patience

By Aaron Menikoff | 01.15.2020

Pastor, the best way for you to cultivate patience is to realize your life is more than your pastoral ministry.

Why Expositional Preaching - Eric 9Marks

Why Expositional Preaching?

By Eric Bancroft | 01.08.2020

If you believe God’s Word is inspired, inerrant, authoritative, sufficient, and clear, then the best way to put those beliefs on display is through expositional preaching.

Mark Dever's Reading Plan for 2020

Mark Dever’s 9Marks Reading Plan for 2020

By Mark Dever | 12.12.2019

Here are 12 books to read with your church in the new year.

Don’t Preach a “Synagogue Sermon”

Don’t Preach a “Synagogue Sermon”

By Mike McKinley | 12.04.2019

Mike McKinley explains why every sermon should proclaim Christ.

Is a Multi-Site “Church” Actually Multiple Churches?

Is a Multi-Site “Church” Actually Multiple Churches?

By Jonathan Leeman | 11.27.2019

Are multi-site churches consistent with the biblical definition of a church? Jonathan Leeman offers an answer.

What Does It Mean to Be “Gospel-Centered”

What Does It Mean to Be “Gospel-Centered”?

By Brian Davis | 11.20.2019

One of the most common phrases in recent years is “gospel-centered.” But what does it phrase actually mean?

How quickly should a pastor make changes - Jeramie Rinne

How Quickly Should Pastors Change Things?

By Jeramie Rinne | 11.07.2019

Generally speaking, you should change things at a rate the people you’re ministering to will understand, and not feel like they’re being railroaded. Sadly, most young pastors tend to move too quickly.

What's the Biblical Understanding of Conversion?

What’s the Biblical Understanding of Conversion?

By Nathan Malpass | 10.23.2019

It’s one thing to *say* that God is totally sovereign in salvation. But it’s another thing entirely to let that conviction shape and constrain how your church actually does ministry.

When Is It Time to Leave?

By Eric Bancroft | 10.16.2019

How does a pastor know when it’s time to leave one church for another? Eric Bancroft says three things must be present.

Preparing Your People for Promised Suffering

Preparing Your People for Promised Suffering

By John Onwuchekwa | 10.10.2019

John Onwuchekwa describes the suffering his church went through—how he tried to prepare them for it, and how he wishes he’d prepared better.