Book Review: Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church, by D. A. Carson

Review by Paul Alexander | 03.05.2010

What good is evangelistic ministry if we lose the evangel?

Book Review: The Lost Message of Jesus, by Steve Chalke

Review by Mike Gilbart-Smith | 03.05.2010


Book Review: Faith of My Fathers, by Chris Seay

Review by Bruce Keisling | 03.05.2010

Another reason to read this book is to expose the sad multigenerational commitment to “whatever produces results at the moment.”

Book Review: What to Do When You Don’t Want to Go to Church, by Peggy Palau and Peggy Sue Wells

Review by Mike McKinley | 03.05.2010

We need more than a call to just go back to church; we need to give ourselves to understanding what the church is, and then commit to building such a body.

Book Review: The Gospel According to Starbucks, by Leonard Sweet

Review by Byron Straughn | 9Marks Journal: The Gospel | 03.05.2010

Pastors, please don’t model your church after Starbucks, Disney, or Toyota. Teach your flock what God has to say to the church.

Book Review: God is the Gospel, by John Piper

Review by Nicholas G. Piotrowski | 03.05.2010

If you love Jesus, you will be affected by this book; the biblical truths trumpeted are deeply challenging in their implications.

Book Review: Soul Cravings: An Exploration of the Human Spirit, by Erwin McManus

Review by Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: The Gospel | 03.05.2010

This book leaves so much unsaid, to state it as charitably as I can, that what the person would gain from your book itself is not Christianity or the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Book Review: Membership Matters, by Chuck Lawless

Review by Owen Strachan | 03.05.2010

For its focus on membership and involvement, Lawless’s book is a significant help in directing a church toward a more biblical polity.

Book Review: Simply Christian, by N. T. Wright

Review by Andy Davis | 9Marks Journal: The Gospel | 03.05.2010

Most pointedly, I don’t believe this book tenderly and clearly warns individual sinners of their peril or calls upon them to flee to Christ as the only remedy for their sin before God.

Book Review: Biblical Eldership, by Alexander Strauch

Review by Paul Alexander | 03.05.2010

Alexander Strauch breathes fresh air into the church leadership discussion with his book Biblical Eldership.

Book Review: Perimeters of Light, by Elmer Towns and Ed Stetzer

Review by Flynn Cratty | 03.05.2010

If one had to identify a simple thesis of the book, it would probably be the statement that “God has no preference regarding style, but highly regards motives and outcomes.”

Book Review: The Purpose Driven Church, by Rick Warren

Review by Paul Alexander | 03.05.2010

We do not need more purpose driven churches. We need more gospel driven churches.

Book Review: The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren

Review by Paul Alexander | 03.05.2010

Only the gospel should be proclaimed as having driving power for the Christian life, and only the gospel should enjoy primacy in the Christian life.

Book Review: Being Latino in Christ, by Orlando Crespo

Review by Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Race and Ethnicity | 03.05.2010

Overall, Being Latino in Christ is a helpful tool for second-generation Latinos who struggle with their ethnic identity on a personal level.

Book Review: Reviewing Leadership, by Robert Banks and Bernice M. Ledbetter

Review by Jeremy Yong | 03.05.2010

Christians wanting a true evaluation of current approaches to leadership will unfortunately have to wait. This book isn’t it.