Church History

Dear New Seminarian . . . Sincerely, Your Baptist Brother

By Matthew J. Hall | 04.22.2015

It seems virtually impossible to single out a handful of books from two millennia of Christian history for you. But you’ll find this sort of list to be commonplace among types like us.

The Egalitarian Impulse in the Black Church

By Steven Harris | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 03.12.2015

This present problem of gender roles in the black church is rooted in past pain.

Book Review: Jonathan Edwards & The Church, by Rhys Bezzant

Review by Tyler Durham | 01.12.2015

Edwards’ approach, as illustrated in Bezzant’s book, tries to strike the right balance between the two extremes of out-and-out pragmatism and culturally deaf fundamentalism.

Book Review: Hand in Hand, by Randy Alcorn

Review by Jason Helopoulos | 12.11.2014

If nothing else, this book is a needed correction for angry Arminians and cranky Calvinists.

Blossoming Flowers Where Mao Wasn’t Looking

By Daniel Bays | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 12.03.2014

It appears in retrospect that the Cultural Revolution, seen at the time as an unmitigated disaster for the church, was actually of great assistance to the growth of Christianity in many places in China.

Book Review: Roman Catholic Theology and Practice, by Gregg Allison

Review by ​Leonardo De Chirico | 11.19.2014

My hope is that this landmark book will re-orientate evangelical theology away from its attraction towards a shallow ecumenicity with Rome towards a serious dialogue based on the Word of God.

The Wilberforce Test: Preaching and the Public Square

By Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 11.18.2014

The pastor who preaches for the transformation of his people is equipping them for service in this life that will echo into eternity.

Colonial America and How (Not) to Pray Against Cultural Decline

By Thomas S. Kidd | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 10.31.2014

There is an overwhelming sense among Christians in the West that we are not only in a time of cultural decline, but that it is gaining pace. If that’s true, how should Christians pray?

400-Year-Old Lessons from English Baptists and Persecution

By Michael A. G. Haykin | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 10.30.2014

May these persevering lives in the midst of persecution and suffering instruct us, as perhaps even now we endure, or are preparing to endure.

Complementarianism & Cultural Engagement

By M. Dever, O. Strachan | 10.23.2014

Mark Dever interviews CBMW President Owen Strachan on Chuck Colson, Carl F. H. Henry, and the state of the complementarian debate.

The American Jeremiad: A Bit of Perspective on the Rhetoric of Decline

By Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 10.23.2014

We must guard against responses to cultural decline that appeal to a past that never existed or a future God hasn’t promised.

Book Review: The Twilight of the American Enlightenment, by George Marsden

Review by Matt McCullough | 09.16.2014

George Marsden offers us a window into a lost world and, to some extent, the story of how that world was lost.

How to Survive a Cultural Crisis—7 Principles from Mark Dever

With Mark Dever | 08.21.2014

Each nation and age has a unique way to express its depravity, to attack God. But none will succeed any more than the crucifixion succeeded in defeating Jesus.

Book Review: Prepared by Grace, For Grace, by Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley

Review by Kevin Wilkening | 9Marks Journal: Biblical Theology: Guardian and Guide of the Church | 08.20.2014

The Puritan doctrine of preparation underscores the central truth of conversion, which is that God saves guilty sinners by Christ alone.

Book Review: All Things for Good, by Thomas Watson

Review by Joey Cochran | 9Marks Journal: Biblical Theology: Guardian and Guide of the Church | 08.20.2014

All Things For Good was written nearly four centuries ago, but remains as relevant as if it were written yesterday.