Church Planting and Revitalization

One Example of Reaching Your Multi-Ethnic Neighbors

By Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Multi-Ethnic Churches | 09.25.2015

Once one understands the place of the local church in God’s eternal plan, it’s worth re-thinking both ethnic-language church planting and ethnic-language ministry in general.

Book Review: Reviving the Black Church, by Thabiti Anyabwile

Review by Jemar Tisby | 9Marks Journal: Multi-Ethnic Churches | 09.23.2015

In this book, Thabiti Anyabwile diagnoses the state of the Black church and prescribes medicine from the Scriptures

A Conversation about Church Revitalization with Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 07.23.2015

The more we reduce ministry to business, the more pastors are convinced to think like CEOs and less like shepherds.

Book Review: Can These Bones Live? by Bill Henard

Review by Casey Hough | 07.22.2015

f you’re is looking for a book that deals with church revitalization primarily from the perspective of dependence upon God’s work according to God’s will, this book should not be your first choice.

Stop Launching Churches! Instead, Covenant Together

By Nathan Knight | 9Marks Journal: Church Mergers and Plants | 07.17.2015

I think we should stop talking about “launching” new church plants and instead refer to them “covenanting” for the first time.

Book Review: Contagious Disciple Making, by David and Paul Watson

Review by Ed Roberts | 07.16.2015

This book is primarily a recommendation of their experience as the way to engage in evangelism and discipleship that leads to new churches. Perhaps the authors could have suggested their experiences as one way, rather than as the only truly effective way.

Book Review: Better Together, by Jim Tomberlin & Warren Bird

Review by Jamus Edwards | 07.06.2015

If you’re considering a church merger, I commend this book to you. It stirs up the recognition for the desperate need of revitalization in countless churches across the nation.

Truly, Truly I Say to You: 8 “Truly’s” from Mike McKinley’s Church Planting Is for Wimps

By Dallas Goebel | 03.31.2015

I am a new pastor of a church revitalization, and Mike McKinley’s book Church Planting Is For Wimps has been a deep encouragement to me.

Life, Ministry, and Books with Tim Keller—Part 2: Ministry

By M. Dever, T. Keller | 02.17.2015

Mark Dever interviews Tim Keller about his pastoral legacy, what a typical Sunday morning looks like for him, his dichotomy-refuting “third way-ism,” and much more.

Book Review: The Church Planting Wife, by Christine Hoover

Review by Erin Wheeler | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 02.02.2015

Both practical and encouraging, The Churching Planting Wife is well worth the time of any wife married to a man pursuing or involved in ministry.

What a New Pastor Doesn’t Know

By Matthew Hoskinson | 08.28.2014

If you’re getting ready to enter a pastorate, you might have your list of changes ready. Can I encourage you to tuck that list away for a while?

Not Strange Enough: “Church Rescue” and the National Geographic Effect

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.26.2014

The TV show Church Rescue is a friendly, innocuous, late-period artifact of the shrinking Bible Belt.

Is the Future of Church Planting Bi-Vocational?

By J. D. Greear, M. McDaniel | 08.22.2014

So is bi-vocational “the future” of planting? The answer is yes, and no.

How to Change Your Church (Part 3 of 4)

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.22.2014

In this post, I want to answer the question, “Well then, what can I do if I’m in a church that seriously needs to change?”

How to Live with What You Can’t Change (Part 4 of 4)

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.22.2014

Basically, you’ve got two options: leave peaceably, or stay cheerfully.