Corporate Worship

What the Doctrine of the Trinity Means for Our Corporate Worship

By Scott Swain | 9Marks Journal: Sound Doctrine: The Foundation for Faithful Ministry | 11.16.2021

Week after week, across the globe, the vision of Revelation 4–5 is fulfilled as congregations praise one God in three persons, our Maker, our Redeemer, our Reward.

Forum: Which Doctrinally Rich Songs Should Your Church Should Sing?

By D. Hodge, E. McAllister, J. Kauflin, M. Merker, M. Westerholm | 9Marks Journal: Sound Doctrine: The Foundation for Faithful Ministry | 11.16.2021

Editor’s note: We asked the question, “What songs should churches sing that teach their people sound doctrine?” Below, we’ve recorded several responses. * * * * * Matt Merker “Hark! The Herald … keep reading…

Not Gathering with the Church Hurts You Spiritually

By Jonathan Leeman | 03.05.2021

Pandemic-weary pastor, gently encourage your pandemic-weary congregation to gather as soon as they can.

The Government Says We Can’t Sing! What Should We Do? (A Forum)

By Jonathan Leeman | 11.19.2020

A few different pastors offer a few different perspectives on what to do when the government tells churches they can’t sing.

Moving from Programs to a Culture of Discipleship in an Immigrant Church

By Mark Pakingan | 09.11.2020

From my experience, immigrant churches tend toward program-centric ministry. Why? It’s complicated.

A Strict But Clear Definition of the Church Brings Freedom

By Caleb Greggsen | 08.24.2020

How would you, according to Scripture, define the church? Does this definition free you up or weigh you down?

How To Plan A Sunday Morning Service . . . Outside

By Dave Russell | 05.13.2020

If you are planning an outdoor gathering for your next Sunday morning worship service, here are ten things to consider.

Has COVID-19 Made 9Marks Raise the White Flag on Multi-Site and Multi-Service Churches?

By Jonathan Leeman | 05.13.2020

There’s a difference between short-term accommodations and permanent structures.

The Easy Application Your Sermon Is Probably Missing

By Keith Collier | 9Marks Journal: What's Wrong With Gospel-Centered Preaching Today? | 03.31.2020

In the course of sermon preparation, as you consider applications of the text, who do you have in mind?

25 Hymns to Sing in Troubled Times

By Matt Merker | 03.15.2020

In a time of uncertainty, what should we sing?

the regulative principle Pastors Talk 9marks

Episode 115: On the Regulative Principle

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 02.18.2020

God has told us in his Word how we ought to approach him in worship. This should shape how we plan our Sunday gatherings. But it also raises a question: Are we free to do things in our gatherings that God does not explicitly prescribe?

Must Women Be Silent in Churches? (1 Corinthians 14:34)

By Denny Burk | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism: A Moment of Reckoning | 12.11.2019

Does 1 Corinthians 14:34–35 teach that women must be entirely silent in the church?

What the Psalter Should Teach Us about the Songs We Sing

By Brian Sandifer | 12.02.2019

Though our songs aren’t inspired like the Psalter’s, they can be just as theologically vast and emotionally diverse.

Why and How We Started a Sunday Evening Service

By Matthew Fletcher | 09.30.2019

On the first Sunday of 2019, our church started a Sunday evening service. Here’s how and why we did it.

Ten Atonement Songs You Should Consider Singing

Ten Atonement Songs You Should Consider Singing

By Bob Kauflin | 9Marks Journal: The Heart of the Gospel: Penal Substitutionary Atonement | 08.20.2019

We will never have enough songs to extol the glory of the Lamb who was slain to purchase our salvation.