The Drama of Preaching

By Murray Campbell | 09.11.2014

What are we signifying when we preach the Word of God to God’s people?

Steve Jobs and the Goal of Preaching

By Matt McCullough | 08.28.2014

Jobs said it’s not enough to offer customers what they already think they need. He wanted Apple to be a transformational influence, exposing and then meeting needs that customers didn’t realize they had.

Long-Term Consequences of Pragmatism in the Church

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.22.2014

Is there something not just to megachurches, but to post-1950s-evangelicalism as a whole that, over time, tends to undermine the very doctrinal convictions which makes us evangelicals?

How to Survive a Cultural Crisis—7 Principles from Mark Dever

With Mark Dever | 08.21.2014

Each nation and age has a unique way to express its depravity, to attack God. But none will succeed any more than the crucifixion succeeded in defeating Jesus.

Biblical Theology and the Sexuality Crisis

By Al Mohler | 9Marks Journal: Biblical Theology: Guardian and Guide of the Church | 08.20.2014

Is “transgender” in the concordance?

Book Review: God’s Forever Family, by Larry Eskridge

Review by Jonathan Baer | 08.06.2014

The Jesus People helped the church evangelize young people and make peace with aspects of American culture, but their heritage is a mixed blessing that requires critical discernment.

Thinking Humbly About Changing the World

By Greg Gilbert | 06.11.2014

I read James Davison Hunter’s book To Change the World several weeks ago. On the whole, I found it to be a really helpful contribution to the discussion about how Christians should … keep reading…

Clearly Uncomfortable with Contextualization

By Ed Roberts | 06.11.2014

Some people are really uncomfortable with contextualization, even though we all do it and benefit from it all the time.   What is it, anyway?…well here’s one definition…Contextualization is “the … keep reading…

Critical Contextualization and Culturally Prevalent and Deep-rooted Sins

By Ed Roberts | 06.11.2014

  Appropriate or critical contextualization means that the Word of God is our controlling authority and that: -we do not accept another’s culture uncritically-the Word is our touchstone. -we do … keep reading…

Reflections on “What Can Miserable Christians Sing?”

By Carl Trueman | 9Marks Journal: The Church Singing | 04.23.2014

There is nothing more universally relevant than preparing people for suffering and death.

Book Review: An Anxious Age, by Joseph Bottum

Review by Matt McCullough | 03.25.2014

An Anxious Age is an enjoyable and engaging read, thought provoking even where it isn’t fully convincing.

Book Review: Popcultured, by Steve Turner

Review by Graham Shearer | 03.12.2014

Cultural interaction, particularly popular cultural interaction, is precisely where Christ’s call of discipleship must find its expression.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Religion and Politics

By M. Dever, R. Benne | 03.09.2014

What are good and bad ways to think about religion and politics? How should Christians work for the common good in a secularizing age?

Book Review: Embracing Shared Ministry, by Joseph Hellerman

Review by Kevin McFadden | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.15.2014

This book fails to explain clearly Paul’s theology and its implications for the church.

The Rise of a Parallel, Post-Biblical Christianity

By Grant Retief | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.14.2014

The fact that South Africa is a churched nation doesn’t mean it’s a gospeled nation.