Encourage Your Pastor

By Chad Van Dixhoorn | 9Marks Journal: How to Build Up Your Church: A Guidebook for Members | 03.30.2021

Where do we find the books that tell us how to look after those who look after us?

encouragement ed moore 9Marks

What Is Biblical Encouragement?

By Ed Moore | 03.19.2020

Biblical encouragement isn’t a pep talk. It’s not a halftime motivational speech. It’s not manipulation or a pat on the back or how to “win friends and influence people.” No, biblical encouragement is always rooted in the gospel.

Book Review: Encouragement, by Mark Chanski

Review by Mark Redfern | 11.14.2019

Much like a product flying off of the shelves, encouragement is in high demand. But in all too many of our churches, it is in short supply.