International Director’s Summer in Europe | Stay tuned

By Rick Denham | 07.28.2018

This summer, our international director Rick Denham spent time with various European partners. Over two months, he traveled to ten countries where he formed new relationships, strengthened old ones, and observed God’s work through many different churches, ministries, and publishers. Dozens of stories could be told, and we’ll try to share just a few of […]

International Director’s Summer in Europe

By Rick Denham | 06.28.2018

While in Europe this summer, Rick visited the church of Christian Schmid, one of our partners in Bern, Switzerland. This congregation is part of the Evangelium21 network in German-speaking Switzerland, and Rick was encouraged to see how our 9Marks books in German were being used in the capital, Bern, to nurture healthy churches. At his […]

The Impact of One Man with a Church: Training Pastors in Russia

By Rick Denham | 02.28.2017

A couple years ago, 9Marks sent one man back to Russia to be our pointman for translating resources and building relationships. Yet he didn’t do his work alone. His church in Moscow began to encourage both him and the work. He and his pastor began talking about biblical ecclesiology. The church grew in maturity. Other pastors began paying attention. […]