Expositional Preaching

Mailbag #20: Preaching Suspect Texts; Preaching to Non-Believers; Difficulties with Staff & Lay Elders; Anonymous or Public Voting

By Jonathan Leeman | 11.16.2015

— In the course of preaching through a book, what should I do when I come across a suspect text like John 8? — Should we preach repentance and faith differently to non-Christians than we do to Christians? — How can I tell the difference between what belongs in an elders meeting and what belongs in a staff meeting? — Should votes for church discipline be cast publicly or privately?

Lessons Learned from South Africa about Multi-Ethnicity in Churches

By Gustav Pritchard | 9Marks Journal: Multi-Ethnic Churches | 09.25.2015

Here are 7 suggestions for pastors so that they might shepherd God’s flock more faithfully in light of the diversity of his sheep.

Book Review: Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism, by Tim Keller

Review by Robert Kinney | 08.28.2015

This volume is worth reading for its clear and convincing exhortations to be more culturally literate in our preaching and teaching ministries

Mailbag #12: Training Bible Teachers; Attending a Wedding Between Professing Christian and a Muslim; Thoughts on “Re-Baptisms”; My Pastor Never Reads his Sermon Text

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.17.2015

—How can our church train Bible teachers? —My friend says she’s a Christian, yet is marrying a Muslim. Should I attend the wedding? —What do you think about “re-baptisms”? —My pastor never reads his sermon text. Is that problematic?

Book Review: The Prodigal Church, by Jared C. Wilson

Review by Alex Duke | 07.29.2015

The Prodigal Church is more than just a demolition project. Atop the wreckage left by pragmatism and consumerism, Wilson attempts to rebuild scaffolding with different, yet more durable materials. In this, the book succeeds, though not perfectly.

Can Women Teach Under the Authority of Elders?

By Jonathan Leeman | 05.22.2015

Jonathan Leeman continues a conversation with John Piper, Tim Keller, John Frame, Tom Schreiner, and others.

First Five Years 2015

By B. Jamieson, E. Aponte, G. Kell, J. Yong, J. Onwuchekwa, J. Worsley, K. Mbugua, M. Dever, P. Harshit, S. Linne, T. Lee | 04.20.2015

First Five Years was a 9Marks Conference to encourage and instruct new pastors. If you are new in your ministry—perhaps in preparation, or in the first years of a church plant, or in your first church, or just beginning your pastorate in a new place—this conference is meant to equip you.

Book Review: Expository Listening, by Ken Ramey

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 04.16.2015

It’s hard to sit down and listen to an hour-long sermon when you spend your day flipping from the smart phone to the iPad to the big screen.

Truly, Truly I Say to You: 8 “Truly’s” from Mike McKinley’s Church Planting Is for Wimps

By Dallas Goebel | 03.31.2015

I am a new pastor of a church revitalization, and Mike McKinley’s book Church Planting Is For Wimps has been a deep encouragement to me.

Preaching the Gospel at Funerals

By Brian Croft | 02.20.2015

The most helpful advice I ever received about preaching at a funeral for someone I didn’t know is: “Don’t preach them into heaven. Don’t preach them into hell. Just preach the gospel for the people who are there.”

Life, Ministry, and Books with Tim Keller—Part 1: Life

By M. Dever, T. Keller | 02.09.2015

Mark Dever interviews Tim Keller about his conversion, what led him to New York City, why the cultural gap between generations has exponentially grown in recent decades, and much more.

Book Review: The Heart Is the Target, by Murray Capill

Review by David Sunday | 12.29.2014

Every preacher should read at least one stimulating book on preaching per year. If this one became your choice in 2015, your church would be well-served and grateful.

The Wilberforce Test: Preaching and the Public Square

By Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 11.18.2014

The pastor who preaches for the transformation of his people is equipping them for service in this life that will echo into eternity.

On the Art & Practice of Preaching

By G. Kell, M. Dever | 11.03.2014

Is expositional preaching the only kind of faithful preaching? Are personal illustrations useful or unacceptable? How can preachers encourage obedience without veering toward moralism? In this wide-ranging interview, Garrett Kell talks with Mark Dever on the art and practice of preaching.

Book Review: On Preaching, by H. B. Charles

Review by Garrett Kell | 10.27.2014

I wanted a resource to both improve my preaching and to pass on to young preachers. I didn’t come away disappointed.