Mailbag #6: Pastors’ Wives, Taking Oaths, Pastors & Administration Work

By Jonathan Leeman | 04.17.2015

—Can I pastor’s wife work outside the home? —Is it permissible to sign a church covenant? Didn’t Jesus forbid oath-taking? —My church wants me to focus more on administration and less on shepherding. Aren’t they misunderstanding what a pastor is?

My Journey to Complementarianism

By GraceAnna Castleberry | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 03.19.2015

You will be the first and primary example to your children of God’s intentions for marriage and family.

When Your Husband Is in the Line of Fire

By Amanda Peacock | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 03.19.2015

A man with the courage of his convictions is the kind of man others should inspire to be, and that women should delight to have by their sides.

Four Truths About Complementarian Marriage

By Gavin Peacock | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 03.17.2015

Here are four biblical truths pastors should teach with respect to marriage, manhood, and womanhood, not just for the sake of marriage, but for the sake of the gospel.

Complementarianism and the Single Man

By Mathew Freeman | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 03.03.2015

Hey guys, you don’t have to be married to pursue leadership, provision, and protection.

Book Review: The Church Planting Wife, by Christine Hoover

Review by Erin Wheeler | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 02.02.2015

Both practical and encouraging, The Churching Planting Wife is well worth the time of any wife married to a man pursuing or involved in ministry.

Book Review: Women of the Word, by Jen Wilkin

Review by E. Bratcher | 12.09.2014

Of course a Christian woman’s life is very full. But maybe that’s not a good excuse for not digging into the Word in a meaningful way.

Book Review: On Guard, by Deepak Reju

Review by Jeff Mooney | 11.24.2014

As a pastor and father, I am profoundly grateful for this book.

Should I Tell My Spouse about Struggles with Sexual Purity?

By Garrett Kell | 08.28.2014

Regardless of where you land on the spectrum, it is important for husbands and wives to develop a plan to help each other fight sexual temptation.

Questions for a Potential Pastor’s Wife

By Bob Johnson | 08.22.2014

There is no office of “pastor’s wife” in the Bible. But practically, being married to a pastor is a tough role. Does your wife have what it takes?

Pastors, Homosexuality, and Same-Sex Marriage

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.22.2014

Here are several reasons why I would challenge you, not to make homosexuality a major topic of your ministry, but to teach on it nonetheless.

Leading the Church While Leading your Family

By Bob Johnson | 08.22.2014

Can we really be effective pastors and good husbands and dads? Do we really have to choose between the church and our family?

Is There an Office for Pastors’ Wives?

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.22.2014

Shouldn’t the pastor’s wife seek to love and serve the church as occasion permits and as gifts allow? Yes, but only because she is a Christian, not because she is an elder’s wife.

Book Review: The Pastor’s Family, by Brian and Cara Croft

Review by Bob Buchanan | 03.09.2014

I suggest giving this book as a gift to your church members. The pastor’s home should not be like the riddle of a mystery novel to our churches.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry

By D. Patrick, M. Dever | 11.29.2011

Darrin Patrick shares about the struggles of planting a church, leading his family, engaging culture, and more in this personal and wide-ranging interview.