Wanted: Kingdom Families

By Anonymous | 9Marks Journal: Family & Parenting | 02.25.2010

For that reason, even before asking whether your family should stay or go, it may be worth asking whether or not you have a Kingdom perspective at all.

Embedded Portraits: A Theological Vision for Families 1

By Andrew Nichols | 9Marks Journal: Family & Parenting | 02.25.2010

Is Satan more concerned about the families in your church than you are?

39 Lessons, 20 Tips and 10 “Don’ts” For Parenting

By Matt Schmucker | 9Marks Journal: Family & Parenting | 02.25.2010

Preach the gospel of grace, not self-discipline.

Premarital Counseling, Pornography, and Marriage

By Winston T. Smith | 9Marks Journal: Counseling in the Church | 02.25.2010

I think one of the ways churches should work against the threat of pornography, very simply, is to start talking about it.

Feminism in Your Church and Home with Russell Moore, Randy Stinson, and C.J. Mahaney

By C. J. Mahaney, M. Dever, R. Stinson, R. D. Moore | 04.30.2007

What does Randy Stinson say feminism is? Why does Russ Moore say most members of our churches are in “same sex” marriages? Why does Mark Dever think pastors should pay attention? Why does C.J. Mahaney think Mark needs to make a bigger deal of complementarianism vs. egalitarianism than he does?

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