Gender Issues

On 1 Timothy 2:12 and Recent Complementarian Kerfuffles

Episode 93: On 1 Timothy 2:12 and Recent Complementarian Kerfuffles

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 06.25.2019

What does 1 Timothy 2:12 specifically forbid? How can we have charitable conversations about our differences?

Episode 54: On “Broad” & “Narrow” Complementarianism

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 05.29.2018

Complementarianism is an umbrella term, under which Christians with both “narrow” and “broad” convictions stand.

Men, Women, and the Place of True Equality

By Trillia Newbell | 9Marks Journal: Church Life: Our True Political Witness | 04.17.2018

In our rush to explain and emphasize the differences between men and women, we too often forget to emphasize the gloriously counter-culture truth of the equality of men and women. 

Mailbag #73: Dealing with Cultural Commands in 1 Corinthians 11 . . . Must All Elders Be Teachers?

By J. Leeman, T. R. Schreiner | 02.23.2018

— How should we interpret the passages in 1 Corinthians 11 about women cutting their hair? — Should teaching be the primary function of every pastor/elder?

A Word of Empathy, Warning, and Counsel for “Narrow” Complementarians

By Jonathan Leeman | 02.08.2018

I might disagree with Piper on women teaching in seminaries, but before I scream “Injustice!” I should recognize that this is a jagged-line issue, and he can make a different yet still reasonable judgment than me.

Ministry to Women When There’s No “Women’s Ministry”

By Carrie Russell | 07.31.2017

Events and programs aren’t bad. But when we depend on them to do all the work of discipling and relationship-building, we should expect them to eventually fail.

Mailbag #50: Does Genesis 2 Call Women to “Help” All Men?

By Jonathan Leeman | 02.03.2017

— Looking at Genesis 2:18–20, would you say women are designed to help their husbands or everyone with a special focus on their husbands?

Book Review: Word-Filled Women’s Ministry, ed. by Gloria Furman and Kathleen Nielson

Review by Jamie Dunlop | 10.16.2015

This book reshapes our view of “women’s ministry” toward a more biblical “ministry among women” for which we should all be deeply thankful.

Book Review: The Accidental Feminist, by Courtney Reissig

Review by E. Bratcher | 09.08.2015

This book helpful addresses these questions: Can God be trusted? Can God’s design and purpose for you be the most fulfilling thing in your life? Is God’s Word really that trustworthy and authoritative?

Book Review: The Pastor’s Wife, by Gloria Furman

Review by Kristie Anyabwile | 08.06.2015

It’s clear from the first pages that the main character of this book is Christ, and the pastor, his wife, their family and church are all supporting players.

Preaching to Women: Things for a Pastor to Consider

By Erin Wheeler | 9Marks Journal: Expositional Preaching | 06.18.2015

Like all Christians, women need the ammunition of the gospel for another week of battle in this hostile world.

Can Women Teach Under the Authority of Elders?

By Jonathan Leeman | 05.22.2015

Jonathan Leeman continues a conversation with John Piper, Tim Keller, John Frame, Tom Schreiner, and others.

The Doctrine of the Church in a Post-Indiana America 

By Jonathan Leeman | 04.10.2015

The doctrine of the church is about to prove itself as important as ever in the history of America. Churches where that doctrine is weak, I fear, will soon look like what Proverbs calls a city without walls.

A Brief History of Complementarian Literature

By Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 03.19.2015

Just as the Reformation constituted a mighty preaching and writing engine, so evangelical complementarianism has produced many millions of words that have revived and strengthened God’s church.

Complementarianism as a Worldview 

By Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 03.19.2015

Complementarianism has explanatory power on a range of major, life-shaping matters. But more than this, it has apologetic power, both in the living of this doctrine, and the speaking.

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