Is The Bible Too Complicated For Those Who Struggle To Read?

By Andy Prime | 01.01.2015

The importance of the perspicuity of the Scriptures is the clarity of the Saviour.

9Marks in Mindanao

By Matthew Spandler-Davison | 10.08.2014

It felt utterly inadequate to come all this way to present a workshop on expositional preaching, biblical leadership, and meaningful membership.

The Drama of Preaching

By Murray Campbell | 09.11.2014

What are we signifying when we preach the Word of God to God’s people?

Steve Jobs and the Goal of Preaching

By Matt McCullough | 08.28.2014

Jobs said it’s not enough to offer customers what they already think they need. He wanted Apple to be a transformational influence, exposing and then meeting needs that customers didn’t realize they had.

Biblical Theology: Ballast for Preaching (Part 1 of 3)

By D. Helm, J. Miles | 08.27.2014

Our goal in this series of three posts is to introduce tools of biblical theology so that you might put some bulk in your preaching.

Biblical Theology: Ballast for Preaching (Part 2 of 3)

By D. Helm, J. Miles | 08.27.2014

Good preaching will require the facility to rightly recognize both typology and analogy.

Biblical Theology: Ballast for Preaching (Part 3 of 3)

By David Helm | 08.27.2014

The Charles Simeon Trust has created an interactive online course called Preaching and Biblical Theology.

The Word Works, Even When It Doesn’t

By Matt McCullough | 08.26.2014

The Word is profitable, Paul insists, even when the results have been discouraging. So there’s nothing to do but to keep on preaching that Word, in season and out of season.

Preaching for the “Home Run”

By Mike McKinley | 08.22.2014

Most sermons are “base hits.” The preacher presents the meaning of the text, teaches and applies it faithfully, and the congregation receives it gladly.

Maybe I Do Want Topical Preaching?

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.21.2014

Dear Mr. Young Expositional Preacher. I am a member of your church. Call me Johnny Average Church Member. First of all, I am very grateful for your commitment to expositional preaching. Don’t lose the commitment. I know a guy named Leeman who wrote a book on the supernatural power of expositional preaching, which I read, […]

Stop Preaching to “Non-Christians”

By Mike McKinley | 06.12.2014

I hate the word “non-Christian”. Christians use it all the time to describe people who are not Christians.  For example, we might say something like, “I invited my non-Christian neighbor to church” or “My son is dating a non-Christian”.  And I guess that I am OK with using the word in that way.  It’s not […]

Learning to Be Yourself as a Preacher: From One Still Trying to Do Just That

By Kevin DeYoung | 06.12.2014

One of the hardest things for any preacher to learn, especially young preachers, is to simply be yourself. 

Sermon Illustrations

By Thabiti Anyabwile | 06.12.2014

Dee, thanks for both your question about illustrations and for your thoughtful response to Mike about how not to get burned out from giving counsel to the people.  I found that very helpful. As for illustrations, I don’t think I’m very good at it at all.  It’s another area I need to work on as a […]

In Defense of Preaching Models

By Aaron Menikoff | 06.12.2014

I think we need to be careful. As I read Scripture, I’m struck by a couple things that are pertinent to this topic. First, we should expect that a disciple will resemble his teacher: “A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40). Jesus […]

One Thing I Remember from Preaching Class

By Kevin DeYoung | 06.12.2014

This has helped me. I pass it along to any young preachers out there looking for free advice. When you come to a passage there are four things you can do: illustrate, defend, explain, apply. I rearranged the order from seminary class so the four points make a convenient acronym: IDEA. Most young preachers, and probably most preachers […]