Episode 52: On the Sufficiency of Scripture

Episode 52: On the Sufficiency of Scripture

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 05.15.2018

What do we mean when we say that Scripture is “sufficient”? Does the sufficiency of Scripture have anything to do with pastoral ministry? Does it shackle pastors or does it provide them reassurance?

Pastors Disciple Their People by Teaching Them the Bible

Pastors Disciple Their People by Teaching Them the Bible

By Mark Dever | 05.11.2018

Mark Dever explains how pastors disciple their people.

Episode 48: On Core Seminars and Sunday School

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 04.17.2018

For many churches, the Sunday School hour has gone by the wayside. In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Mark and Jonathan talk about how Core Seminar classes can become a vital ministry for any local church.

Church Life: Our True Political Witness

By Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Church Life: Our True Political Witness | 04.17.2018

Where do we first beat swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks? Where should love of enemy first dissolve a nation’s tribalism? Where should Lincoln’s “just and lasting peace” first take root and grow?

Why Politics Overwhelms the Church

By Russell D. Moore | 9Marks Journal: Church Life: Our True Political Witness | 04.17.2018

Caesar never prompted Jesus to rejoice (Lk. 10:21). Pilate never prompted him to sweat blood. Why? Because he trusted a sovereign Father and saw a kingdom that would triumph over all rivals.

Be a Gospel Neighbor

By Aaron Menikoff | 04.02.2018

Being a good neighbor is a crucial component to being a faithful evangelist. We should all aspire to be gospel neighbors.

Book Review: The Mentoring Church, by Phil Newton

Review by Bob Johnson | 03.19.2018

No matter the size of your membership, your church can (and must) pursue leadership training—and this book provides the tools to do it.

7 Ways to Protect and Pass On the Gospel

By Nathan Rose | 03.09.2018

Christian, you have an assigned task from Jesus and it involves at least two things: helping fellow church members make it to heaven and getting the gospel into the next generation.

Episode 42: On the Usefulness of Pastoral Internships (with Matt Merker)

By M. Dever, M. Merker | 03.06.2018

In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Matt Merker—a pastoral assistant at Capitol Hill Baptist Church—chats with Mark Dever about the usefulness of pastoral internships.

Mailbag #72: Small Groups with Christians from Other Churches? . . . Which Churches Should We Pray for Publicly?

By Jonathan Leeman | 02.16.2018

— What do you think about small group Bible studies and prayer groups comprised of Christians from different churches? — How do you determine which churches to pray for publicly?

Mailbag #70: Should Our Congregation Appoint Temporary Elders from Outside Churches? . . . What Should Be the Goal of a Small-Group Bible Study?

By Jonathan Leeman | 02.02.2018

— Our church believes in elders, but currently no men are qualified. Should I recognize some outside pastors as “temporary elders”? — How should a small-group Bible study balance sound teaching with a desire for discussion?

Book Review — The Good Portion: Scripture, by Keri Folmar

Review by Erin Wheeler | 01.25.2018

Reading this book made me want to open my Bible to know Jesus more. And isn’t that what we all want as believers in the Lord Jesus?

Episode 36: On Discipling

Episode 36: On Discipling

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 01.23.2018

Discipling doesn’t need to be tethered to an elaborate program. Instead, it should be a part of a church’s culture. That’s easy to say, but hard to implement.

Do You Suffer from ‘Bible Anorexia’?

By Keri Folmar | 01.22.2018

Cutting-edge music, artistic videos, and clever illustrations can build a crowd, but God’s Word is what the Holy Spirit uses to build a church.

Church Discipline Starts with You

By Whitney Woollard | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline: Medicine for the Body | 01.09.2018

A loving church will be a disciplining church—and the burden of that discipline rests primarily us “ordinary Christians” who make up the discipleship community.