Corporate Prayer Is More than Your Personal Quiet Time

By Zach Schlegel | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.21.2016

Corporate prayer is not just 300 people having their own quiet time; it’s 300 people praying together.

A Call for Pastors to Pray for Their People

By Ryan Fullerton | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.21.2016

Pastors, here are six biblical truths that I hope will jolt us out of our prayerless slumber.

Praying the “Big Four” Corporately

By John Onwuchekwa | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.20.2016

Adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. How should we pray on Sunday morning?

The Holy Spirit, Prayer, and Preaching

By David Helm | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.17.2016

When we genuinely embrace the conviction of our need for the Spirit, we give ourselves to the work of prayer and the work of preaching.

The Shocking, Abysmal, and Embarrassing Failure of Churches to Pray

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.10.2016

Prayerlessness is a problem in so many churches. What can we do about it?

Why You Should Be Praying the Psalms

By Donald S. Whitney | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.09.2016

Tired of praying the same old things about the same old things? Try praying the psalms.

Looking to the Past for Lessons about Prayer

By Thomas S. Kidd | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.03.2016

With all due regard to churches’ individual circumstances, it’s hard to justify the lack of congregational prayer in many of today’s churches, or the relegation of prayer to an obligatory sidelight.

Book Review: Pray for the Flock, by Brian Croft and Ryan Fullerton

Review by Bob Johnson | 10.29.2015

As a whole, this book is more practical than profound, but that really is the point. We tend to talk a lot more about prayer than actually pray.

Book Review: Dispatches from the Front, by Tim Keesee

Review by Alex Duke | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 11.10.2014

Read this book if for no other reason than it puts flesh and bone on our prayers as it illustrates the faithfulness of God in keeping his promises.

Denominational and Cultural Decline and Pastoral Prayers: An Interview with Mark Dever 

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 11.03.2014

How does talk of denominational decline affect your pastoral prayers?

Contemporary America and a Call to Prayer

By John Piper | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 10.31.2014

I appeal to all Christians: Let us move to a new level in our commitment to pray for the outpouring of God’s saving and sanctifying power in our day.

Colonial America and How (Not) to Pray Against Cultural Decline

By Thomas S. Kidd | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 10.31.2014

There is an overwhelming sense among Christians in the West that we are not only in a time of cultural decline, but that it is gaining pace. If that’s true, how should Christians pray?

If You’re Thinking about Leaving A Church . . .

By Mark Dever | 09.30.2014

Do everything within your power to reconcile any broken relationships.

Book Review: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, by Don Whitney

Review by Chris Dendy | 09.12.2014

This updated and revised book will continue to do what its predecessor has done for nearly a quarter-century: serve the church.

Leading the Church through Grief of Sin

By Joey Cochran | 08.27.2014

It is appropriate for us to include opportunities to grieve, confess and repent sin in our church’s corporate gathering.