Are Healthy Churches Enough

Episode 92: Are Healthy Churches Enough for Today’s Problems?

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 06.17.2019

Our world is full of problems. But what can healthy churches do about it?

9Marks at 9 | The State of the SBC

The State of the SBC | #SBC19

By A. Mohler, D. Akin, H. B. Charles, M. Dever | 06.11.2019

A roundtable with Mark Dever, Danny Akin, R. Albert Mohler Jr., and H.B. Charles.

podcast Highs and Lows of Denominations

Episode 91: On the Highs and Lows of Denominational Life

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 06.11.2019

Jonathan chats with Mark from the floor of the Southern Baptist Convention about the highs and lows of denominational life.

Ask 9Marks Anything | #SBC19

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 06.10.2019

A live Q&A recorded during the Southern Baptist Convention.