The Pastor and Counseling (ศิษยาภิบาลและการให้คาปรึกษา)

The Basics of Shepherding Members in Need

Pastors spend much of their time counseling people in crisis. It’s a delicate task that requires one to carefully evaluate each situation, share relevant principles from God’s Word, and offer practical suggestions for moving forward. Too often, however, pastors feel unprepared to effectively shepherd their people through difficult circumstances such as depression, adultery, eating disorders, and suicidal thinking. Written to help pastors and church leaders understand the basics of biblical counseling, Jeremy Pierre and Deepak Reju provide an overview of the counseling process from the initial meeting to the final session. It also includes suggestions for cultivating a culture of discipleship within a church and four appendices featuring a quick checklist, tips for taking notes, and more.

This book was made possible in partnership with Grace Bannasan and Overseas Instruction in Counseling (OIC).