Preachers Talk, Episode 12: On Discerning the Structure of A Biblical Text

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 10.22.2020

How do you figure out the structure of a biblical text? After you figure out the structure, how then do you create an outline for your sermon?

In Episode 12 of Preachers Talk, Jeremy Meeks chats with David Helm and K Edward Copeland about this.

Book Review: God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel, by Costi Hinn

Review by Mike McKinley | 10.22.2020

God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel is an easy-to-read, conversational book that makes a convincing case for rejecting the prosperity gospel.

4 Reasons You Should Preach through 1 Peter

By Matthias Lohmann | 10.21.2020

If you want to help your people prepare for our rapidly secularizing and increasingly hostile culture, preach through 1 Peter.

Live with Your Church Members in an Understanding Way (with Michael Lawrence)

By J. Leeman, M. Lawrence | 10.20.2020

SHOW NOTES Article: Live with Your Church Members in an Understanding Way, by Michael Lawrence Journal: Pastoring Through Political Turmoil Youtube Spotify iTunes Download MP3