3 Reasons You Should Preach through the Psalms

By David King | 09.20.2018

It’s been said that all of life with God is expressed in the Psalms. That’s true, and your people need the comprehensive discipleship course found in this book. Our own souls need it, too.

What does church membership have to do with love?

What does church membership have to do with love?

By Mark Dever | 09.19.2018

Surely we know that we’re saved because our hearts are stirred and we’re moved to tears as we sing “Amazing Grace,” right? No, says John. We know we have passed from death to life because we love our brothers.

On Earth as It Is in Heaven: A Biblical Theology of Worship

By Jonathan Gibson | 09.18.2018

By the end of the Old Testament, we’re left hoping for a son of God who will worship God perfectly, and who will then lead his bride in pure worship of the one true God.

Book Review: No Quick Fix, by Andy Naselli

Review by Justin Harris | 09.17.2018

This book expertly exposes the dangers and errors of “higher life” theology.