What’s in the Water?: Baptism as a Sign of Addition (Part 3)

By Trent Hunter | 06.11.2021

The Word led to baptism, which led to a defined worshiping community, and as people were baptized, they were “added” to that community. That’s what Luke is teaching us.

On Preaching as an Assistant (Preachers Talk, Ep. 25)

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 06.10.2021

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Book Review: 7 Challenges Pastors Face, by David Horner

Review by Matt Boga | 06.10.2021

Seasoned pastors will undoubtedly find encouragement and wisdom in these pages, even if they don’t agree with everything Horner suggests.

Exodus 22-23: On Israel’s Bloated Sheep Market—and Other Jewels of Jewish Jurisprudence (Bible Talk, Ep. 30)

By A. Duke, J. Hamilton, S. Emadi | 06.09.2021

In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke, Jim Hamilton, and Sam Emadi discuss all those laws in Exodus 22–23. Why are they there? Why should Christians not just let their eyes glaze over them?